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What is a Vaporizer?

Vaporizers are typically devices used to conduct or convect the user’s preferred choice of product at temperatures prior to and in the prevention of combustion. This method of heating the user’s product will develop a flavorful, yet satisfying aroma and releases any effects of the user’s choice of either dry herbs, concentrates, or electronic liquid (e-liquid). This results in a vapor or cloudy substance of the heated product and gives the user a pleasantly pure flavor and an ease of draw from the device. For an increase of vapor production, one can utilize a larger vaporizer such as a desktop vaporizer. These are very powerful compared to portable vaporizers as they are plugged into a wall outlet for their power source. Still, portable vaporizers are largely popular and becoming more advanced as they use convection systems for heating dry herbs like ovens compared to heating surfaces surrounding the product.

A Better Alternative

Many people will say that vaping and the use of vaporizers are a better alternative than smoking for plenty of reasons. Vaping is discreet, provides ample quality of vapor, and has a lot of convenience. Users can relax with any product of their choice regardless if it is a dry herb, concentrate, or e-liquid with less harmful chemicals for a fast, stealthy, and stress-free experience.

 A better alternative than smoking

Vaporizers give the user a great amount of control over many aspects of vaping: the ability to modify how dense your vapor is, the intensity of flavor, the amount of airflow you desire, and plenty more. Vaporizers often feature temperature control systems for added precision to enjoy whatever temperature fits for you and your dry herbs or other products. They are immensely convenient devices allowing you to have control over the amount of dry herb or concentrate you vape. Regardless if you love small, moderate, or long draws, vaporizers allow you to have complete control over any session.

These vaporizers also have a great discreet feature to them as compared to other methods of smoking. Smoke typically lingers, surrounds the air, and leaves stains and smells on curtains and walls. Vapor dissipates in a short few seconds and does not leave odors lingering hours after a session. Many vapers are left without worrying vaping in public as it does not attract attention to many others during a personal session or disappointing others like cigarettes often do. The portable vaporizers have an enormous amount of mobility and anyone can throw a vaporizer in a pocket, backpack, or purse. This creates a stealthy companion for vaping wherever you are.

Vaporizer Types

There are a few types of vaporizers that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes made by a variety of reputable companies. Portable vaporizers pride themselves on their discreet and mobility with temperature control, amazing battery life, and advanced heating systems. On the other end, desktop vaporizers deliver power and functionality that portable vaporizers do not have.

Portable vaporizers

Portable Vaporizers

Known for their small size, portable vaporizers are handheld devices that are powered by lithium-ion or li-polymer batteries for on-the-go vaping of dry herbs, concentrates, or e-liquid. These will feel light in your pocket or bag and typically cover your hand when in use. As well as being stealthy, these devices contain heating systems powerful enough to give the user a smooth vapor with loads of flavor.

The industry’s most innovative vaporizers are portable. The Sutra Mini by Sutra Vape is a stellar device providing temperature control, a stainless steel heating convection oven, and a 1600 mAh battery life to name a few of the device’s features.

Carry a portable vaporizer anywhere you go and take a draw wherever you are while being totally concealed in your hand, then continue through your day. Similarly like vape pens, portable vaporizers are charged via microUSB so you can charge your device anywhere.

The portable vaporizer is one of the biggest vaporizer devices in the industry and constantly growing in popularity with commuters for their flavor and convenience of use.

Vape Pens

Vape Pens

The more common of the three, vape pens are the most discreet out of all of the vaporizers. They are pen-shaped and lightweight without taking much room in a pocket or purse. This allows users to draw on their vape pen anytime without worrying about others. These devices typically range from $10 to $200 and many are used for concentrates, essential oils, and some even use dry herb.

Vape pens are perfect for their simplicity and stealth capabilities. A wide variety of vape pens on the market are about five inches in length and thin like an actual pen. A user will easily be able to conceal the device regardless if one is holding it or storing it in a pants pocket.

You cannot get an easier vaping experience without a vape pen. Some often have no temperatures to adjust or any screen to view information on. Just a simple power on-off button that also functions as a draw button. Others have an automatic switch that powers the device simply from drawing from it. The more expensive ones have preset temperature controls and fast heating.

Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop Vaporizer

There are also vaporizers that utilize wall outlets for more power than the other two types of devices. These are the desktop vaporizers; they have more advanced heating technology, providing the user with the purest flavor experience possible.

These types of vaporizers come with three different styles to inhale vapor: balloon-bag, whip-style, and steamrolling. Balloon-bags are made with a high grade plastic that are filled with vapor after heating your preferred dry herb or concentrate. These bags are easy for sharing with others. Whip-style desktop vaporizers use a rubber tube to draw vapor from. The steamrolling style is a way to use a water bubbler attachment that delivers a more pure vapor experience. Some desktop vaporizers only have one method of vaping whereas others may have all three capabilities.

These large devices have a forced-air system, pushing vapor through to the pathway of air to help you draw from the device. With high powered fans and precision temperature control, these are ideal for the purist regardless if you use it for medicinal or recreational reasons.

How Vaporizers Work

Vaporizers are completely different from traditional smoking methods of incinerating product for a desired effect. Vaporizers only heat the product at a point under combustion levels, creating a vapor of only the desired compounds of a product. This also creates fewer irritants than smoking does.

In doing so, vaporizers deliver flavor notes of each specific product with other scents and effects without the irritants in smoking methods. The desired compounds of dry herb, for example, are released at temperatures around 347 Fahrenheit (175 degrees Celsius), yet cigarettes and pipes ignite the dry herb at 1000F (537C). These temperatures used with cigarettes are hotter than required for unlocking the medicinal effects of the dry herb. Vaporizers solve all of these problems by using temperature control functions, thus the user can precisely find a temperature suitable for their product without worrying about irritants or wasting product.

Vaporizers also utilize convection or conduction methods to heat a product. Some even include both convection and conduction systems as well.

Convection heating

Convection heating

Convection heating uses hot air surrounding the product in a chamber. After the hot air is created, the product become warm and the effects are held within the chamber as vapor. The user then draws from the device for an enjoyable experience. The convection heating method covers a lot more surface area than conduction as well.

Conduction heating

Conduction heating

Conduction-heated vaporizers warm the product using the surface of the chamber instead of hot air surrounding it in convection methods. Conduction devices will generally heat a lot faster than convection vaporizers. The hot surface also causes a slight combustion on the product. These types of vaporizers are more for the commuter who can go without waiting for the device to heat up.

Vaporizer Components

Portable Vape Components

Portable Vaporizer Components

Portable vaporizers are usually structured with an atomizer, a battery/base, and a mouthpiece on the atomizer. The atomizer holds the chamber where your product goes in and some atomizers have adjustable airflow for a restricted or more wider draw. The mouthpiece on top can sometimes be changed for another and it is where you inhale your vapor. The base of the device holds the battery and has the necessary buttons for powering the device as well as adjusting temperature and wattage.

Vape Pen Components

Vape Pen Components

Vape pens have an all-in-one system. The atomizer is connected to the battery of the device and also houses the chamber for dry herb, concentrates, or e-liquid. There is only one button and a multiple amount of clicks provides numerous functions such as adjusting temperatures and powering the device.

Desktop Components

Desktop Vaporizer Components

Desktop vaporizers come with a variety of components depending on the brand. Some include one or multiple styles of vaping from a desktop vaporizer such as the balloon bag, a rubber tube, or a steamroller. Inside the vaporizer houses a small chamber for your product. These large devices often have huge displays for all of your temperature information as well as large buttons to adjust it.

Materials for Vaping

Using a vaporizer requires a material to be heated by convection or conduction. There are three main types of products used by vaporizers: dry herb, concentrates, and e-liquid.

Dry Herb

Dry herbs

Dry herb vaping changed the possibilities for people who used these herbs for their medicinal or recreational benefits. Many people enjoy lavender for relaxing, chamomile for sleep, and peppermint to energize. These dry herbs benefit the most at specific temperatures so make sure to do more research for an ideal temperature and find a temperature that fits you. A good rule of thumb is that 347F is a great starting point for the more common dry herbs.

Essential Oils Concentrate


Concentrates deliver a more potent vaping experience. These give you an intense flavor while maintaining a discreet style of vapor. Like the name implies, they are a concentrated version of your preferred product. Many people prefer concentrates because there is less to inhale and less quantity to store while providing a great overall experience. The flavors depending on the type of botanical extract chosen. Concentrate vaping is the ultimate level of stealth.


E-liquid and Nicotine Salts

E-liquid is the more popular choice for vaping out of the other two. E-liquid, or electronic liquid, is used for standard vaporizers and vape pens. The liquid is made of mostly vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. VG is used to produce large clouds whereas PG allows for a throat feel. Natural flavors are also used along with nicotine (if you prefer) in many e-liquids. There are a wide variety of complex and simple flavors from a strawberry fruit roll candy to even honey milk. E-liquid will provide larger vapor production as compared to the other two.

Nicotine salt is another alternative to the typical freebase nicotine. The form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves is nicotine salt. These salts are not only nicotine, but they are also made out of other organic components. The result is still nicotine, but in an enhanced stabilized molecule. PAX Labs (creators of the JUUL vaping kit) discovered that specific nicotine salts seem to perform better than freebase nicotine in e-liquid. In conclusion, nicotine salts give users a mind-blowing throat feel that no other e-liquid without nicotine salts can replicate.

Purchasing the Right Vaporizer

With the wide variety of vaporizer devices on the market, there is something for everyone. It all comes down to personal preference, yet there are still a few important aspects that you want to look into before purchasing a device.

Travel and Vaping

Where will you be vaping?

Choosing a vaporizer based on where you will be vaping is a huge factor in the determining process. If you plan on traveling a lot and spending time outdoors, a rechargeable vape pen or a portable vaporizer would definitely be great options for you. Otherwise, if you work at home often, a desktop vaporizer will suit all of your needs.

Different Vapes

What do you vape?

Not every vaporizer is compatible with all three types of vaping materials. Ask yourself what you prefer. Are you trying to switch from traditional smoking methods? E-liquid vaporizers should be your next step up. If dry herb is your preferred smoking preference, then a dry herb desktop vaporizer or a dry herb portable vaporizer will suit you best. Need an intense, yet pure vapor experience? Concentrates are the way to go.


What is your budget?

In the vaping industry, the cheaper the device, the worse it will perform and last. Budgeting for a great vaporizer that will live a long life is immensely important. If you are unsure about vaping and want to try a cheaper product, it might give you a poor experience. Try looking for high acclaimed devices such as the Exxus Snap VV Variable Voltage Cartridge Vaporizer or the Sutra Mini first and find a device that you will love. Higher price tags often correlate with higher quality and performance in a vaporizer.


Always check to make sure you have an authentic product with a warranty included. The longer the warranty is, the better the device will perform. Warranties keep you safe from defects as all electronic devices are not safe from. Protect the investment you put into a vaporizer by purchasing a device with a warranty. With a warranty, you do not have to go through the hassle of purchasing another device if it is defective.

Battery Life

A good rule of thumb is to check the mAh (milliamperes) of a device prior to purchasing. A vaporizer with a 700mAh will possibly last an hour or two of continuous use as compared to that of a 1700mAh battery. Of course, carrying a microUSB portable charger negates this and some devices even allow you to use your vaporizer while it is charging. Still, vaporizer battery life plays an important role with a vaporizer for its overall life. With continuous charges, the battery inside will deplete in mAh over time. A low 700 mAh vape pen could possibly last up to a year even with careful handling as the battery life is much lower than standard portable vaporizers.

Other Tips for Vaporizers

Cleaning Vaporizer


Remember to clean your device after every session! E-liquid vaporizers are the only exception to this rule as dry herb and concentrate vaporizers tend to leave behind residue that will affect performance and taste. A clean vaporizer will last a long time.

Transporting with vaporizer


Keep your vaporizer in a safe backpack or purse when traveling if possible. Be extra cautious leaving your vaporizer in your pocket with an internal battery. If the device is powered on whilst in your pocket, the coils will burn inside the atomizer and could potentially damage the device and yourself if you are not careful.

Safe Vaping


Always be sure to read any included instruction manuals for safe procedures and steps prior to using a new device. If any trouble arises from a product, every authentic vaporizer comes with a number and/or e-mail to the manufacturer. Stay safe and vape on