Ceramic Dual Coil Dome Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods


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The Ceramic Dual Coil Dome Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods is an ideal OEM Wulf Mods Replacement Coils part for any  existing Wulf Mods 510 or Elips dome atomizer. The ceramic dual coils will last on average from one to 3 months before we recommend changing out. With the Ceramic Dual Coil Dome Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods you will get up to 9 months of premium vaporization of your essential oils and concentrates.


Product Description

The ceramic dual coils are idea for vaporization no matter the viscosity of your concentrates. Enjoy a rich flavorful vaping experience with an ideal temperature vaporization that will leave you satisfied after every session.  

No matter how careful or gentle you treat your atomizer, heat and time are your enemies and over time even the best cared for atomizer unit will begin to lose its overall heating power and will need replacing. The good news is that Wulf Mods offers the clean heating stability of one of their most popular models with this Ceramic Dual coil Dome 3pk.

Why use ceramic? To begin with, anyone who is into vaping with either an off the shelf essential oils or concentrate does so only for the wonderful flavors vaping with these exotic blends provides and using ceramic removes any possibility of changing or negatively enhancing the sensitive flavors experienced while vaping. This makes ceramic a proven choice by serious vape enthusiasts. Ceramic is also easy to maintain, clean and requires only minimal maintenance.

For the vaping purist, using Wulf Mod Vaporizers is the only brand they will consider, especially those who enjoy the intense draw that using a dome atomizer provides, even under low wattage. For those looking for more intense vaping or higher heating, Wulf Mods Tanks will provide the desired vapor volume with every pull.

Those individuals that are just discovering the pleasure of vaping may find themselves overwhelmed with making a minor repair such as replacing the heating unit in their atomizer but rest assured knowing that all you need to do is simply unscrew the ceramic unit from the foundation and then screw in your new ceramic dual coil dome atomizer. Buying a Ceramic Dual Coil Dome Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods is not only a tremendous way to save money but also cost effective and will always ensure you have a replacement unit should your heating unit ever fail or give you problems.

With so many different Wulf Mods Vaporizers to choose from, why do so many vape enthusiasts consistently pick Wulf Mods? The answer is simple. Every part that is used in your Wulf Mods Vaporizer is built using exact care and precision to make your personal enjoyment and vaping experience pleasurable with every draw. Wulf Mods offers a wide selection of Wulf Mods Vaporizer Replacement Parts as well as Wulf Mods Replacement Coils that will even fit many other vape kits and units, giving you consistent vaping pleasure and taste pull after pull no matter what vaporizer medium you enjoy. Because ceramic units offer the most natural aroma flavor and taste every pull from your vape unit will always remain consistent.

One of the commonly asked questions is why should I choose ceramic over other vaporizer heater models? Because ceramic allows the use of many different types of essential oils and concentrates, less heat is required to fully vaporize and inhale providing a cooler taste on the palate and a more intense refreshing vape experience. Additionally, vape units that run on lower wattage and heat tend to last longer giving you more for your money with every vape session.

It is also important to point out that it is possible to use your Wulf Mods ceramic dual dome atomizer with other vaporizers because of the universal 510 treading on the atomizers themselves. GotVape.com prides itself on offering only the best vaporizer brands on the market today and Wulf Mods is among those high end quality brands. If you enjoy the smooth consistent clean taste from your vaporizers, Wulf Mods is the ideal unit for you. Based out of Southern California, Wulf Mods offers products and accessories for every walk of like in the vaporizer industry. From their very popular Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod to their own line of E-Liquids Wulf Brew, Wulf Mods prides itself on its diversity to reach every customer in the market. Their Wulf Vape SX is an ideal vaporizer for the dry herb enthusiasts and their Wulf Dome Kits are perfect for the individuals that like to vape their essential oils and concentrates. No matter what you prefer, Got Vape and Wulf Mods are here to offer you top of the line quality products to keep you vaping for years to com.

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