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The eTech 3 Power Bank Cable by Wulf Mods is a replacement power charging cord for the eTech 3 by Wulf Mods. The eTech 3 is one of the most versatile digital mods in existence since it can not only be used as a battery base for a vaporizer, but it also functions as a power source for anything that can be charged via USB. This cord charges the lithium-ion battery of the eTech 3 with a standard 510 connection, and it plugs into any USB power source.


Product Description

Replace your worn out cord with a new one.

The eTech 3 Power Bank Cable by Wulf Mods is a power cord used to recharge portable vaporizers. This cord is a replacement for the cord that comes with the eTech 3 by Wulf Mods. The eTech 3 is one of the most durable, powerful, and functional battery mods available on the personal aromatherapy marketplace. The device is incredibly valuable not only for its ability to power a wide variety of atomizer tanks used for e-liquids, but is also functions as a power source for anything that requires USB charging. The device has an included USB pass through port so you can plug other devices into the eTech 3 to gain a little extra juice.

This power cable is made with 510 threading, which is the universal standard for just about all vaporizers. It charges the battery base through the atomizer port on the eTech 3, and since it has 510 threading, you can use this charging cable with almost any other battery. The cord itself is only a few inches long, which is ideal since most vaporizers can't be used while charging. A shorter cable also prevents any knots from forming when the cord isn't in use.

Wulf Mods is one of the most well-known and respected players in the vaporizer industry. They have a proven track record of manufacturing premium components and full vaporizer rigs that easily blow the competition out of the water. They have built devices designed for dried herbal blends, like the Wulf Vape LX Vaporizer by Wulf Mods, and they have complex box mods like the 75W Box Mod Kit by Wulf Mods. Those a just a few of the premium Wulf Mods products in our inventory.

We at trust Wulf Mods to produce some of the best portable vaporizers and vaporizer accessories on the market. The eTech 3 by Wulf Mods, which this cord is designed to work with, is one of the most versatile devices you'll find on the market. It has a digital display that shows battery level and the temperature setting, and the internal lithium-ion battery is sure to provide reliable power for the device. The eTech 3 can use variable voltage output up to 6 volts, and it comes in multiple colors including Green, Silver, Black, Pink, Red, and Blue. The most notable feature of the the device is that is can be used to recharge other USB powered devices like smartphones and tablets.

Our selection at includes a wide variety of Wulf Mods vaporizers and Wulf Mods vaporizer replacement parts. This eTech 3 Power Bank Cable by Wulf Mods is just one example, and our stock includes replacement batteries, screens, and even Wulf Mods replacement coils, like the Sub Tank Coils 5 pk by Wulf Mods. Our selection includes a number of prebuilt coils and raw wire that can be shaped into custom coils, like the Clapton Kanthal Wire 10 ft by Wulf Mods. No matter what sort of replacement vaporizer component you require, you'll find something that will work in our massive selection of products.

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