Female Titanium 14/18mm Bucket Domeless Nail by Wulf Mods


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The Female Titanium 14/18mm Bucket Domeless Nail by Wulf Mods is a piece of equipment meant to be used with ground joint pipes, and it fits male joints of either 14mm or 18mm. This nail is an ideal way to vaporize concentrates through an existing water pipe, and it is constructed from a titanium alloy that provides durable utility and perfect heat insulation.


Product Description

The attached bucket is on a swinging arm that makes it easier to heat and prep for vaporization, and the design comes from Wulf Mods.

There aren't many brands in the vaporizer marketplace that demand the respect that Wulf Mods has earned. They have been producing their amazing vaporizers, box mods, and spare parts for years, and they even produce a line of e-liquids for their devices. Their incredible experience at crafting premium vaporizer components has led them to produce this Female Titanium 14/18mm Bucket Domeless Nail by Wulf Mods. The component works with standard 14mm or 18mm male ground glass joints, like what you might expect to find on an average water pipe.

The Wulf Mods brand produces a plethora of vaporizers and spare components for those devices, and they are one of the most trustworthy brands available on the market. The products they produce are geared toward vape users of all levels, and their experience has allowed them to create some truly spectacular pieces of equipment. They sell their products as full kits that include entire vaping rigs, and they also sell their items piecemeal for those who only need one or two spare parts.

There aren't many nails for concentrates out there that are as functional and well-designed as the Female Titanium 14/18mm Bucket Domeless Nail by Wulf Mods. The vast majority of pipes on the market will work with this attachment since it can work with both 14mm and 18mm male joints. The nail itself is made from sturdy titanium, as well as the swinging bucket that acts as the concentrate collector and heating element. The nail works by superheating the bucket with a torch before swinging the arm downward to insert the bucket into the domeless nail.

Our inventory at GotVape.com includes a vast selection of Wulf Mods vaporizers, Wulf Mods vaporizer replacement parts, and spare accessories and replacement components to keep the devices working smoothly. We also carry a full selection of Wulf Mods replacement coils for those who use any of the amazing Wulf Mods box mods. Our selection also includes everything you'll need to take advantage of your new Female Titanium 14/18mm Bucket Domeless Nail by Wulf Mods.

The Wulf Tech Skillet Dab Tool by Wulf Mods is a small tool we carry that is perfect for manipulating those sticky concentrates, and it is ideal for scraping every last bit of concentrate from your storage container so as to avoid wasting any. If you don't have a storage container for your concentrate, you might want to consider the Dab Disc Silicone Concentrate Containers by Wulf Mods. These pocket-sized silicone jars create an airtight seal that makes it exceptionally easy to transport your source material.

Those who want to take advantage of such an advanced piece of vaping equipment but don't have access to a male-jointed pipe should consider the Male Titianium 14/18mm Bucket Domeless Nail by Wulf Mods. This piece is essentially identical to the female version, but it is designed to fit onto female joints as opposed to male joints. If you were to invest in both pieces, you could potentially vape your concentrate out of just about any pipe you can get your hands around.

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