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Dab Disc Silicone Concentrate Containers by Wulf Mods is specifically designed for storing your essential oils and concentrates in a convenient handy travel size disk case that is always ready when you are. These small but sturdy stylish containers remove the worry of sticking, leaking, and prevent outside contaminates and foreign debris or anything of the sort take can alter the taste and flavor of your favorite essential oils.


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Product Description

Made from quality food grade silicone, these Dab Discs are built to last and keep your essential oils and concentrates fresh.

The concentrates from popular extracts have a variety of different names along with the process which their delightful goodness is derived and whatever name you wish to use, safely storing your essential oils for later use in your favorite vaporizer can be extremely frustrating especially if you are experiencing sticking or leakage with your present storage container. The Dab Disc Silicone Concentrate Containers by Wulf Mods takes this frustration away and protects your concentrates from the outside elements, while also preventing sticking and leakage.

Most concentrates can come in a wide variety of viscosities from very thick to thin or even oily, and this is because every essential oil and concentrate is temperature sensitive, and nothing is more frustrating that trying to gather a very small amount of concentrates from a plastic or other non-silicone container.

Experienced vape users already know that nothing provides the best storage solution for all consistencies of your essential oil extracts than food grade silicone. It is because this silicone is the only known material that your essential oils and concentrates will not stick or adhere to the container. Another valuable benefit is only silicone extract containers are 100% resistant to temperature changes and nothing is more upsetting than discovering your concentrates have leaked out of the cheaper containers and then spilling out into your pockets or backpack, purse, or any other place you could potentially store it.

Dab Disc Silicone Concentrate Containers, from the makers of the Wulf Mods Vaporizers and accessories, are the coolest and most colorful safe and secure storage option for protecting your dab concentrates. Made from 100% non-stick food grade silicone in a variety of attractive colors. These disk-shaped storage units provide vape users an easy to use sturdy compartment for securely holding your concentrates for both long and short term storage, these economical concentrate containers are specifically designed for the Vape enthusiast who is on the go and requires a safe compact carrying solution for their vape concentrates.

Designed with a slim easy to open and close handy disk-shaped size, these colorful containers allow the storage and removal of all concentrated essential oils in a discreetly sized package that fits in your pocket or purse comfortably. The primary concern of every vape user is avoiding the common problems associated with using glass jars. baggies and other storage media; these inferior methods not only degrade the potency of your favorite essential oils and concentrates, but can also cause waste allowing your essential oils to stick to anything it touches. Using the Dab Disc Silicone Concentrate Containers by Wulf Mods will not only keep your essential oils safe in a pocket-friendly disk container that is perfect for everyday storage and travel, these attractive containers also prevent wasteful sticking. Another benefit of Wulf Mods Dab Disk's is a unique locking type seal that prevents direct contact with the outside air keeping your dab tasting pure and fresh in your favorite Vape.

Here at Got Vape, we understand the importance for our customers to have the best vaporizing products made from quality materials. This is why we carry top of the line brands like Wulf Mods. Wulf Mods are well known for their vaporizers like the Hell Hound Mechanical Box Mod, and their popular line of Wulf Dome Kits like the Elips Concentrate Dome Kit byWulf Mods. Whatever your vaping style, Wulf Mods offers the perfect vaporizer Mod or kit for every vape enthusiast. From all of the Wulf Mods Vaporizer Replacement parts, to their universal Wulf Mods Replacement Coils, and other high-quality accessories, Wulf Mods has everything to satisfy your vaping needs. If you would like to know more about this high quality brand or any other top brand that we carry here at GotVape.com, our knowledgeable customer service team is here to answer all your questions from 9am-6pm PST, Monday through Friday.

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