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The Atmos Transporter is a flask-style aromatherapy vaporizer that can accommodate peoples' dry herb vaporization needs. It's a user-friendly Atmos device that can cater to all of your conduction requirements perfectly. This unit can work well for people who want to steer clear of combustion.


Product Description

The Atmos Transporter is not equipped with a visible heating coil. Other highlights of this unit are an anodized shell that's invulnerable to scratching, a heating chamber that functions like an oven and an overall streamlined design.

The Atmos Transporter is a handheld device that's ideal for dry aromatherapy fans. It has an attractive design that's reminiscent of a flask. Since it looks like a flask, it gives users the convenience and ease of discretion when they're out in public and around other people. The Atmos Transporter offers speedy and efficient heat-up times of roughly 35 seconds. The unit is made of sturdy and tough materials. Its anodized shell is resistant to chips, scratches and other types of unsightly damage. 

This vaporizer has a ceramic heating chamber that's worthy of mention. It works a lot like an oven. Fans of embedded heating components won't want to miss out on this vaping world highlight. If you favor embedded heating coils over visible ones, the Atmos Transporter is exactly what you need and want. The unit's ceramic heating chamber offers vapors that are smooth and enjoyable. If you want to stay far away from combustion, you can't go wrong with this classic Atmos dry herb offering.

The Atmos Transporter is the definition of portability. It's beautifully compact. You can take it anywhere you need to go without worrying about other people paying attention to it. The Atmos Transporter has a rechargeable Li-ion (Lithium-ion) battery. 

If you buy the Atmos Transporter, you'll receive far more than just the device itself. You'll also get a mouthpiece cap, rubber mouthpiece, user manual, charger and cleaning brush. These are all necessary components for easy and successful use of this celebrated device. 

This unit weighs roughly 6 ounces. Its dimensions are 3.25 by 2.25 by 1 inches. These dimensions are exactly why holding the Atmos Transporter is far from a hassle. If you want to keep this unit safe and secure in your back pocket, you can easily do so. If you want to keep it in your bag for safekeeping, you can easily do so well. The sky is the limit with this unit.

The Atmos Transporter uses 2600 mAh batteries that are rechargeable. These batteries are great for vapers who are all about lasting vaporization enjoyment. If you want to use a unit that runs on batteries that can stay powered up for numerous sessions in a row, this device is the one for you. If you completely charge this device, it should provide you with loyal and consistent use for a couple days.

People who grind their herbs can place two bowls in the Atmos Transporter's chamber. People who do not, on the other hand, can get a sizable single bowl into it comfortably. Once you put your herbs in, the Atmos Transporter requires approximately 45 seconds to get hot. Once it heats up, voila! You can start your vaping fun without worries.

If you're shopping for a top-rated vaporization device that's great for portability, the Atmos Transporter could be calling your name. People who want to learn more about this Atmos offering can contact us here at Got Vape. Our customer service representatives can give you all the information you could possibly ever want. Got Vape is a respectable vaping product business that offers expertise in everything from e-liquids to portable vaporizers. Contact us now for further information.

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    its okay

    this vaporizer is okay, it doesn't really stand out as a really great amazing products. Doesn't have a lot of features, overall it's an alright product. Quality, portability, and taste are good but does not produce a lot of vapor and there is no temperature adjustment

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