Expert Shopping Advice

Sep 16, 2016

Expert Shopping Advice

It’s that time of year again and we all have that one person on our list that’s always hard to shop for. Well you’re in luck, because we have consulted with our experts this holiday season to help make your shopping a little easier with the perfect gifts for every vape fiend on your list. From your friend that’s just starting to vape E-Liquid to your cousin that can’t do without their dry herb, we have the perfect guide to check off everyone on your holiday list.

Dry Herb Enthusiast:

1. $339.00 Crafty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel:

From the company that brought out the infamous Volcano Vaporizer comes another stellar unit for the cannabis lover in your family with the Crafty Portable Vaporizer. The Crafty Vaporizers is simple to use; it requires only a single keypress to turn it on and will then rapidly heats up to the default temperature of 356F. Once ready to use the unit will vibrate indicating it’s ready to go. Simple to control the temperature thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility. Using the app provided by the company, vapers can make temperature adjustments remotely right from their smartphone. Despite its highly-portable design, the Crafty is a powerhouse herb vaporizer that delivers full, massive hits without compromising the flavor of your herb.

2. $159.99 Loki Touch Vaporizer:

Finally, the touch screen technology has come into the vaporizer industry with the Loki Touch Vaporizer by Loki Vape. This dual threat touch screen device can vape both concentrate and herb for added convenience. Changing temperature has never been easier, simply swipe the numbers up or down to adjust the Loki Touch to your ideal vaping temperature. Equipped with a ceramic heating oven that reaches a max temp of 440 degrees as it perfectly vapes your herb evenly giving you thick rich flavored draws.

3. $329.95 Firefly 2:

Hailed as the “iPhone of Vaporizers” by Newsweek, The Firefly 2 by Firefly is creating a buzz in the vaporizer and cannabis industry. Touch screen sensors activate the heating elements allowing the device to heat up to 400F in a matter of 3 seconds. There are six built-in temperature presets: 340F, 360F, 380F, 400F, 420F, and a special temperature setting just for concentrates. The Firefly 2 also allows its users to adjust the temperature accordingly using a smartphone app. Give the perfect gift of the Firefly 2 by Firefly to that tech head and cannabis enthusiast in your life.

4. $124.99 Exxus Mini Vaporizer:

Noted as the smallest dry herb vaporizer on the market, the Exxus Mini by Exxus Vape might have a small stature, but it packs a big punch. Standing at just 4 inches tall by 1-inch-wide, the Exxus Mini is the perfect vaporizer to take anywhere you go while staying discreet. The Exxus Mini also has two attachment mouthpieces for added flavor with the bent glass mouthpiece and added heat protection with water filtration with the Hydro Adapter mouthpiece. Enjoy the great taste and vapor delivered in big waves with the smallest herb vaporizer available today.

5. $274.99 DaVinci IQ:

The all new IQ Vaporizer by Davinci Vaporizer was developed to give the perfect vape for your dry herb. The IQ features three distinct modes to add a special level of customization and precise temperature control. 51 LED lights form a grid on the device give the IQ a futuristic cyborg look and feel. The IQ has a quick 16-second heat up time to 230F and the temperature is adjustable from 250F-430F to stay versitle in vaporizing your herbs and concentrates. Equipped with a 18650-style rechargeable battery, the IQ can provide up to 1.5 hours of continuous use before needing a recharge. The IQ adds to its futuristic with its Bluetooth technology that allows you to control multiple settings with an app from your smartphone. This device is truly an advancement in technology that any herb enthusiast will love

The “I’m buying my first kit” friend

1. $29.99 Sub Vod-C Starter Kit:

The Sub Vod-C Starter Kit by KangerTech is one of the best kits currently on the market for people that are new to vaporizing. It comes with all the essentials needed to get started, and this user friendly mod is built ready to start vaping as soon as you pick it up. The kit comes standard with a SUBVOD battery, Nano-C sub tank, and a 0.5 ohm SSICC coil. You can also choose between black or silver color options.

2. $49.99 Smok OSUB 40 Watt Kit:

The OSUB 40w Temperature Control Box Mod Kit by SMOK is another great starter pickup for individuals looking for a box shaped mod. The OSUB 40w kit comes in your choice of color from black, gold, silver, red, and white. The kit comes with the box mod, Helmet mini tank, which holds up to 2ml of E-Liquid, and an internal 1350mAh battery. With an easy to read OLED screen and variable temperatures ranging from 200F-600F, the OSUB 40w Kit is the perfect starter kit for all newcomers.

3. $49.99 Joytech Evic Basic kit:

The eVic Basic with Cubis Pro Temp Control Kit by JoyeTech is one of the most user friendly and affordable Mods on the market today for beginners. The kit comes with the eVic Basic mod and the Cubis Pro Atomizer, which holds up to 2ml of your favorite E-Liquid. This powerful little mod varies in temperature from 200F-600F with a resistance range of 0.1-2.5 ohms, giving the perfect vape each and every puff.

4. $84.99 Wulf 75 Watt Kit:

The 75w Box Mod by Wulf Mods is the more expensive of the starter kits, but for good reason. This kit comes with a 75w Box Mod and the ever popular Wulf Plus Sub Tank by Wulf Mods, which is made from stainless steel and reinforced glass. With a similar vaping temp as all the other starter units, where the value really lies is with its variable wattage from 1w-75w’s giving off plenty of vaping power. The digital screen and easy press buttons make it extremely user friendly, changing temperature easily and reading output through each vape. This is the perfect vaping device to grow with and from beginner to novice and even expert.

5. $29.99 MyJet Starter Kit:

MyJet Full Kit by Wismec is one of the newest innovations to come out this year for the beginner vaporizer. This sleek starter kit is one of the most user friendly Mods on the market today, with a unique draw-firing mechanism that replaces the need for a power button. The MyJet uses a unique pod system for filling, each pod holding 1.2 ml of E-Liquid. It is also equipped with a quad clasp locking system to prevent leakage. The MyJet Full Kit by Wismec uses cotton wicking and 28 gauge Kanthal wire wrapped seven times for superior conductivity for the perfect draw each time. Affordable and well built, the MyJet Full Kit by Wismec rounds is the perfect starting kit for any individual coming onto the vape scene.

Wax Head:

1. $99.99 Exxus Go:

Acclaimed as the device that “Hits like a freight train”, the Exxus GO by Exxus Vape is a new breed of vaporizers that’s changing the concentrate pen game. The Exxus GO features an XL Triple Quartz Coils that easily vaporizes any viscosity of concentrate you put it in. A quick 5 second warm up heats up your concentrates and begins a 10 second session completing one cycle and powers the unit off automatically. You can also purchase the Hydro Adapter mouthpiece for $29.99, which acts like a bubbler and give that added heat protection on your draws. But the biggest draw from this unit is the challenge the company Exxus Vape is making. They’re challenging all owners to take on the Exxus GO Challenge of completing 10 full hits in 5 short minutes and they’re giving out prized whether you win or lose! So if you know a wax head that’s in need of a mix between a concentrate pen and a dab rig, get them the Exxus GO for the very best of both worlds.

2. $129.95 Kandypens Gravity:

If there’s one thing Kandypens knows it’s how to make a top quality concentrate pen, and they did not fall short with their Gravity Pen. The Gravity Pen features a coil-less ceramic plate atomizer, dual quartz crystal rod atomizer, four heat settings, non-clogging airflow, and a sleek glossy or sandblasted black finish. You get the best of both worlds with the interchangeable coils. Use the quartz coil when you want clouds of super tasty vapor, or switch over to the ceramic coil to maximize efficiency and smoothness while taking long, slow pulls from the Gravity Pen. Give the gift of stealth this Christmas to the wax lover in your life.

3. $84.99 Exxus Maxx:

The Exxus Maxx by Exxus Vape has developed a pen for all levels of vape users with this sleek device. The Exxus Vape Concentrate Vaporizer has three temperature settings and is equipped with two different types of skillets. Use the disc skillet to create thick vapor with richer and fuller flavor., or use the quartz skillet to create bigger clouds while still getting full flavor. The quartz skillet was created for thin blends that require significant vaporization surfaces to attain superior tastes. Give them the best for their concentrates this holiday season with the Exxus Maxx by Exxus Vape.

4. $99.99 Wulf Dab Rig Kit:

The perfect attachment for your box mod is finally in with the new Dab Rig Kit by Wulf Mods. The Dab Rig Kit by Wulf Mods features the use of a replaceable heating coil for a more efficient and effective means of operation. Gone are the days of having to replace the entire connector when your coil goes out. Save your money by simply unscrewing the old worn out coil and replacing it with a new one right away. The Dab Rig by Wulf Mods is compatible with any regulated box mod. So attached and enjoy this Christmas!

5. $300 Mini Castle 3D Enail by Dabberbox:

What grown man, a wax head at that, doesn’t want to be able to dab from a castle? The Mini Castle e-Nail by Dabber Box is a 3D printed device that is shaped like a castle, hence the catchy name. Complete with a Titanium nail and carb cap that are designed to be durable and reliable, the Mini Castle e-Nail brings some extra fun into taking a dab. Each kit includes the Dabber Box 3D printed e-Nail, a Kevlar braided 16mm heating coil, an 18/14mm Titanium Domeless Nail, a Titanium Carb Cap, a heavy duty power cable, hardshell case, and instruction manual, because every castle needs instructions. So storm the castle this holiday season and give something they’ll actually use with the Mini Castle 3D e-Nail by Dabber Box.

The friend that talks about vaping 24/7:

1. $64.99 Smok Alien 220 Watt Mod:

Give the gift of the Alien Box Mod Kit by SMOK to the vaping fanatic in your life this Christmas. The Alien Box Mod comes in your choice of red, gold, or grey and comes with a TFV* Baby Beast Tank by SMOK and give out a max output of 220W. The Alien Mod features two vaping modes to bring high quality flavor, or for the cloud head, maximum vapor output. You can’t go wrong either way with the Alien Box Mod Kit by SMOK.

2. $89.99 SnowWolf 218 Mod:

The SnowWolf 218 Box Mod by Sigelei features a one of a kind stabilized wood front panel design and comes in your choice of black, blue, grey, or silver side panel coloring. The SnowWolf 218 fires up to 218 watts, which makes it the perfect vape for all of the cloud chasing enthusiasts. The SnowWulf features a highly effective temperature control that is capable of firing heating elements like the Ni200, Titanium, Stainless Steel and an incredible atomizer sensing technology alongside TCR technology.

3. $49.99 Wismec RX 2/3 Mod:

Want a Mod that you can modify? The Rueleaux RX2/3 Box Mod by Wismec allows you to upload your own custom logo right onto its OLED screen. The Rueleaux features a switchable battery configuration allowing its users to choose between using a standard 2 or upgradeable 3 batteries for added power. Coil architectures of Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel are supported in temperature control mode, and the firmware of the mod is upgradeable via its Micro USB port. If you prefer massive clouds of vapor, rich flavor, or a perfect combination of both, this mod offers exceptional value and the perfect gift for the vaper connoisseur in your life.

4. $179.99 Wulf Mods Hellhound Series Pro Kit:

If the vape fan in your family is constantly talking about vape tricks and wanting bigger thicker clouds, then the Hell Hound Series Pro Mechanical Box Mod Kit by Wulf Mods isn’t just a mouthful to say, it’s also the perfect Mod for them. This competition Mod features a 7V direct output that produces massive clouds. The kit also includes the Hell Hound RDA that features a deep well that holds up to 1.5 ml of your favorite E-Liquid, 2.5mm post holes for custom builds, and improved airflow holes for increased cloud production that they’re sure to love.

5. $59.99 Smok OSub 80 Watt Kit:

The OSUB Plus 80w Box Mod Kit by SMOK is an upgrade from the original with new advanced temperature control and improved OLED screen. The Brit Beast sub tank sets the kit off with its bottom adjustable airflow capable of holding 3.5ml of your favorite E-Liquid. The temperature of the unit can be adjusted from 200F-600F, and the resistance range is 0.1 ohms to 3.0 ohms in VW mode and 0.06 ohms to 2 ohms in TC mode. Complete with a built-in 3300 mAh battery, the OSUB Plus will fire at up to 80W, more than enough power for producing lots of vapor and keeping that vaper in your life happy.