The Arrival of Puffco's Flourish Collection

by Ian Black

The Arrival of Puffco's Flourish Collection with Puffco Flourish products resting on plants in front of dark forest background

You see that green flash? That wasn’t the Sun setting, it was Puffco’s new Flourish collection of vaporizers and accessories flying off the shelf at match speed. Come check out what makes these pieces hot to trot and decide if you want to pull the trigger on one of them before they are gone for good.

Puffco New Peak Pro Flourish standing on marble display in front of blue studio background

New Peak Pro x Flourish

We’ve seen you staring and yes the Peak Pro’s glass is real borosilicate okay? Homegrown down at the Puffco farm this e-rig is more than just a pretty green face, it’s got the power to make your concentrates sing while still being as easy to use as auto-tune. The sky's the limit when it comes to customizing the temperature, consistency, and strength of your hits with the power of the Puffco Connect app which lets you use your phone to fine tune the smallest of details. Invest in the Peak Pro Flourish to score a gorgeous new color scheme and start making sure you get the absolute most out of your vaping with zero technical headaches.

Peak Pro x Flourish x Joystick Cap

Crown your Queen with a matching Flourish Joystick Cap! What makes this accessory so fun is its game controller joystick design that brings you back to the arcade, all while allowing you to precisely direct airflow in 360˚ to make sure concentrates are vaporizing just how you want them. You’ll be saving quarters not spending them with the Joystick as with more consistent heating you will avoid wasting dabs due to under or over heating them. Just use your thumb to slowly rotate the cap to make sure every drop of concentrate is being vaporized to the last iota.

Peak Pro Travel Pack x Flourish

If you're on the go, on the run, or just plain old on the couch; the Flourish Travel Pack for your Peak pro has several new functions that make life easier. Never lose your tools again with the silicone backpack that conveniently slips right over the neck of your Peak Pro and snuggly sits in place while holding any cotton swabs, tools, or miscellaneous items you want to pack in there. Another highlight is the slip-on mouthpiece which allows you to hit the rig from a slightly different angle and make passing it amongst friends ever so much more sanitary.

Puffco Proxy Flourish on white counter with leaves nearby and soft green lighting

Proxy x Flourish

Turns out it’s actually pretty damn easy to be green when you are the new Proxy Flourish Vaporizer with its combination of a Sherlock pipe and the modern world of e-rigs. Don’t worry about having to know the whole dictionary of dabbery to use the Proxy, it’s only got one button to worry about and four preset temperature settings to help you dab just how you like. Simply charge it, load it up, and you're off to the races.

Proxy x Flourish x Wizard

Live your own fantasy with the gloriously spun Wizard pipe attachment for your existing Proxy vaporizer. Brought to life by the green flourish color scheme, the Wizard has a longer neck to allow your hits to cool before reaching your mouth and a hand molded grip to make sure holding on is as comfortable as possible. Just slide your Proxy rig into the pipe and take a hit and we guarantee you’ll be feeling rather enchanted by the experience.

Proxy x Flourish x Joystick Cap

Help out your Proxy with the Flourish Joystick cap to make use of the game controller esque design to make sure there’s less unnecessary build up of old concentrate. Have a bit of fun while also maximizing the size of your clouds with the easy to use accessory and enjoy the extra flourish on your vape.

Proxy x Flourish x Travel Kit

Augment your Proxy with some helpful additions included within the now greenified Flourish Travel Kit. Slap on the silicone backpack to store some tools right on the neck of the rig, but also make use of the flat level bottom to keep your Proxy upright on the table. Make use of the detachable mouthpiece for easier draws and for an easy wipeable surface while passing amongst friends.

Puffco Hot Knife resting on top of packaging on wooden table with green and white lighting from underneath

Hot Knife x Flourish

Finishing out the collection is one of our absolute favorite tools for dabbing, the Puffco Hot Knife Flourish. To use all you do is load up your concentrate on the knife tip and then hold down the side button for 3 seconds and watch as it effortlessly melts from into your e-rig.

Puffco Flourish

Take a look at the full collection online at Got Vape and order one of these jolly green pieces before they are gone with the wind. But fear not, Got Vape has an extensive stock of regular Puffco products so don’t worry if the Flourish disappears, we’ve got you covered!

Proxy Flourish Collection on dark background with soft green lighting