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Concentrate Tanks

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  • Wulf Duo Quartz Dual Coil Concentrate Cartridge by Wulf Mods

    The Wulf Duo Quartz Dual Coil Concentrate Cartridge by Wulf Mods is a powerhouse spare/replacement part that couples specifically with the Wulf Duo 2 in 1 Cartridge Vaporizer. It's status as a cartridge unit ensures that this piece is perfectly pocket-sized. While petite, the Wulf Duo Quartz Dual Coil still evenly tempers a user's favorite concentrate to ultimately curate a smooth vapor with flawless taste. The dual quartz coils help to create a refined space for vaporization to occur.

  • Wulf SLK Concentrate Tank by Wulf Mods

    The Wulf SLK Concentrate Tank by Wulf Mods is expertly crafted from top tier materials to give it genuine staying power in a vaporization collection. The quartz coil and ceramic bowl ideally temper concentrates to produce vapor that is both smooth and flavorful. This cartridge is available in two color options and features a flat-style, ergonomic mouthpiece for comfortable drawing. As a spare or replacement unit meant to go with the SLK system, this device is reliable and formidable. 


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  • Replacement Glass Dome by Wulf Mods

    If the glass dome of your dome kit breaks, don't fret. Simply order a Replacement Glass Dome by Wulf Mods and you'll be back to enjoying your concentrates in no time. These domes are durable and are available in both Type B and Sphere varieties for compatibility with a wide range of kits.

  • Exxus Dual Coil Quartz Concentrate Skillet by Exxus Vape

    Are you curious about Exxus Dual Coil Quartz Skillet? Then look no further, you've found all the information you need here. This product is sold for about 40 bucks, and you can be sure that you won't need to buy another vaporizer. It comes with a stylish design and is simple to use.


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  • Exxus Disc Concentrate Skillet by Exxus Vape

    The Exxus Disc Concentrate Skillet is a renowned combination of innovation and efficiency.


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  • Titanium Dome Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods

    The Titanium Dome Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods is compatible with the Titanium Concentrate Dome Kit by Wulf Mods. This efficient and reliable product is ideal for individuals that use the Wulf Dome often for their essential oils and concentrates.

  • Titanium Dual Coil Dome Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods

    The Titanium Dual Coil Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods includes three units for use with the Titanium Dual Coil Concentrate Dome Kit by Wulf Mods. These atomizers sit under the glass dome and are used to vape essential oils and concentrates. They feature effective and efficient heating thanks to a dual coil structure which disburses heat evenly to produce a sizable volume of vapor and intense flavor.

  • Ceramic Dome Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods

    The Wulf Mods Ceramic Dome Atomizer 3 Pk is a set of three high-quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components. This pack is appropriate for people who like vaping concentrated essential oils. It can be used exactly like both the Wulf Mods 510 and the Wulf Mods Elips. The Wulf Mods Ceramic Dome Atomizer 3 Pk is all about the convenience of three replacement heaters. This dome atomizer makes essential oil vaporization easier and more straightforward than ever.

  • Type-C Dome Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods

    The Type-C Dome Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods is a convenient set that consists of three durable, reliable and strong OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) atomizers. People who need three spare replacement heaters can benefit from the purchase of this 3 pack. It's appropriate for people who appreciate the vaporization of concentrated essential oils. The Type-C Dome Atomizer's components are often used by fans of both the Wulf Mods 510 and the Wulf Mods Elips.

  • Type-B Dome Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods

    The Type-B Dome Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods includes three replacement heating atomizers from Wulf Mods. These units are made from durable stainless steel, and they are designed to work with botanical concentrates. These coils need to be replaced with regularity in order to avoid burning the source material or creating poor vapor quality. These atomizers are compatible with both the Wulf Mods Elips and all Wulf Mods products with 510 threading. Wulf Mods is a trusted producer of vape devices.

SLK Tank

What is a Concentrate Vape Tank?

A Concentrate Vape Tank is a high-quality, superior tank that allows you to enjoy your favorite concentrates. They screw onto your device through the 510 threaded connection on the bottom making them compatible with most sub-ohm vape mods. Some utilize single, dual or triple coils with either quartz or ceramic wicking while others may employ a coil-less ceramic heating system. Depending on which type you get, some deliver a mouth-to-lung draw while others provide a looser direct lung draw. Concentrate Vape Tanks are a more convenient, practical way for traveling and produce potent, great tasting.

How to use a Concentrate Vape Tank


Using a Concentrate Vape Tank is fairly easy. Screw the tank on and attach it to the mod or battery of your choosing. Loading is simple, fill your tank with your desired concentrate, close and enjoy. Make sure to carefully place materials directly on top of the heating element. It is recommended that you start with the lowest recommended setting for your concentrates then gently pulse the fire button of your device to heat up the concentrates. Make sure not to overpack as you can run into the risk of your tank leaking or getting clogged up. Hold the fire button while inhaling through the mouthpiece for vapor. Increase the wattage or voltage if it is not hitting hard enough for your liking.

Wulf SLK

The Concentrate Vape Tank is ideal for traveling, allowing you to use on the go with your favorite vape mod. Because most of them at 510 threaded connection, just pop it onto your device and you’re ready to vape. No need for blow torches or messy, hot nails, just enjoy your concentrates the easy way.

Types of Concentrate Vape Tanks: MTL Draw vs. Direct Lung

Wulf DUO

Mouth to Lung Vaping (MTL)

Mouth to Lung vaping or MTL is when you collect the vapor inside of your mouth, filling it up then taking it inside of your lungs. It is similar to bypassing the direct hit with your mouth or adding an extra stop between the vapor and lungs. With the vapor collecting inside your mouth, your tongue receptors will detect better taste, this type of vaping, ideal for beginners.

The tight draw is accomplished by features of the concentrate tank including narrow airflow channels to and from the coil which ensures that you will have some resistance while vaping, single round wire high resistance coils, small chimneys for maximum flavor and thin bore 510 drip tips.

Sutra DBR

Direct Lung Vaping

Direct Lung Vaping or DL vaping is typically more for a more experienced vapers to elevate your overall experience. It’s a normal breathing process of taking in the vapor directly into your lungs without letting it linger or collect in your mouth. It’s almost like taking a deep breath of air, while only pursing your lips. Direct to lung inhale is also known as a straight to lung inhale.

Type of Coils

Coils are the most essential aspect of vaping. The type of coil helps shape the kind of session the user experiences. It decides the battery life, flavor, clouds and overall functionality of your vaporizer. Coils are measured in electrical resistance or more commonly known as ohms. Typically, the higher resistance your coil has, the longer battery life it will last and vice versa. Usually, a coil’s resistance will be around 1.0-3.0ohm, but there are some that go as low as 0.15ohm for billowy vape clouds. Coils also hold wicking elements like quartz, cotton or ceramic for optimal performance. They come in a plethora of varieties for your preferred experience.

Single Coil Atomizer

A single-coil atomizer creates small yet potent, flavorful vapor. It doesn’t have as much surface area with the coils making it produce less vapor then other coil styles out there. Single-coils are renowned for keeping the atomizer’s electrical resistance high and your vape battery life lasting much longer.

Double Coil Atomizers

Dual Coil Atomizers typically produce higher amounts of vapor as there is more surface area allowed. Two coils transfer heat faster resulting in larger volume. This doubles your cloud production but will use more battery life than a single-coil atomizer.

Triple Coil Atomizers

Triple Coil Atomizers are perfect for the cloud chasers in the bunch. With ample space, they are ideal for concentrate vape pens. With their low resistance the user can enjoy hours of satisfying sessions on a single charge.

Quartz Rod Atomizers

Quartz rod atomizers deliver an incredible flavor experience for an overall satisfying session. Often, they heat up faster than other coils and produce a pleasant throat feel.

Ceramic Rod Atomizers

Ceramic rod atomizers are one of the most efficient for vapor production and flavor. It heats your concentrates slowly for a refreshing, great tasting vapor experience.

Coil Less Atomizers

Coil-less atomizers are convenient miniature ovens that heat the concentrates inside the atomizer for smooth, potent flavor experience.

The right type of coil matters to the style of vaping you prefer. Concentrates often use single, dual coils. Higher-end concentrate vaporizer pens tend to utilize quartz rods for pure flavors. Ceramic rods are also employed in pricier concentrate vape pens.

Buying a Concentrate Vape Tank

Once upon a time, buying tanks for concentrates came down to choosing from a small selection. In today’s cases there is a sea of choices you can choose from as the world of concentrates is booming. With all the different varieties there is a tank to accommodate everyone’s needs.

You Get What You Pay For

One of the biggest factors before buying anything is cost. You need to figure how much you are willing to spend for the product you need. The average price of Concentrate Vape Tanks ranges from $5 to upwards of $50 depending on the type you get.

Cheaper concentrate tanks often last fewer uses and hold less capacity for your concentrates. They often utilize rod and coil style atomizers for great flavors and are typically are made of economic materials for easy, fool proof use. They are perfect for some who is not looking to not spend as much but still want a good quality session.

Pricey Concentrate Vape Tanks are made of superior materials for prolonged use. Typically, they employ intricate coil systems to create increased vapor and potent flavors. They also use flat, disc-shaped heating elements as its atomizer. The heating elements usually consist of quartz, stainless-steel or ceramic. Often, they have 510-threading so they can work with a variety of batteries and mods.

The price is all based on your preference and how much you are looking to spend.

Wulf SLK Vape Pen

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