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  • Exxus GO Concentrate Vaporizer by Exxus Vape

    Exxus GO Vaporizers are manufactured by Exxus Vape, the popular brand that designed the Exxus Mini and Exxus Maxx. This highly-portable vaporizer is engineered specifically to vaporize essential oils and concentrates, and it does a spectacular job thanks to features like a Triple Quartz XL Atomizer, magnetic base, and five-second warm up time. Exxus Vape is changing the way concentrates are vaped with the Exxus GO.


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  • Exxus Snap Concentrate Vaporzier by Exxus Vape
    Exxus Snap Concentrate Vaporzier by Exxus Vape

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  • CE3 Oil Kit
    CE3 Oil Kit

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  • Aurora Vaporizer by Dr. Dabber

    The Aurora Vaporizer by Dr. Dabber represents a new level of vaping perfection. This sleek pen for use with essential oils and concentrates is an award-winning device that uses magnetic connections to make for a seamless, superior experience. It has three different heat settings and utilizes proprietary low-heat technology that was developed by Dr. Dabber. This method of efficient heating delivers a satisfying amount of vapor on every draw and rich, robust flavor.


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  • Evolve Plus Concentrate Kit by Yocan

    The Evolve Plus Concentrate Kit by Yocan lives up to its name by adding important enhancements to the original Evolve. These include a patented silicone jar which adds an extra element of convenience, a stronger battery, and an optional ceramic donut coil that increases the device's functionality. Compact enough to carry anywhere, this vaporizer delivers thick clouds of vapor and robust flavor on every pull.


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  • Hive Concentrate Kit by Yocan

    The Hive Concentrate Kit by Yocan is one of the latest offerings from a brand that is becoming well known for its simple but effective vaporizer designs. This portable unit was specifically engineered for essential oils and waxy concentrates, and it packs a punch that is comparable to that of many box mods. From its no-leak design to its recessed atomizer, this unit renders generous amounts of vapor and flavor that is big and bold.


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  • Limited Edition Galaxy Pen by Kandypens

    The Galaxy by KandyPens might be the most preferred pen-style vaporizers for vaping essential oils and concentrates on the market today. It is attractive and sleek, and has garnered some impressive awards for its performance and durability. Possessed of high-end features such as an elevated air flow system, the Galaxy comes in a variety of aesthetic styles to suit every personality.


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  • Vaporizer Concentrate Kit PE by Conseal Vape

    The Vaporizer Concentrate Kit PE by Conseal Vape is a product from SEEGO Vapor. The kit consists of the Conseal PE vaporization mod. It's a compact unit that's appropriate for both liquid and oil concentrate vaping purposes. This convenient starter kit can be beneficial for vapers who are looking for rich vapor clouds and ample strength. Notable specs associated with this kit include 8W wattage, 3.7 voltage, 650mAh battery capacity and an atomizer tank capacity of 3ml.


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  • Dr. Dabber Boost ERig Concentrate Kit
    Dr. Dabber Boost ERig Concentrate Kit

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  • Limited Edition Gravity Pen by Kandypens

    The Limited Edition Gravity Pen by Kandypens is a sleek and attractive pen-style vaporizer designed specifically for vaping concentrates, and it boasts multiple features including a temperature controlled battery, elevated airflow system, and Titanium coils. Handcrafted with pride in the USA, this little vape pen packs a serious punch.


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  • iNano Kit by eLeaf

    If you like to enjoy the robust flavor and vapor volume that is typical of a modern vaporizer but prefer to keep things simple, the iNano Kit by eLeaf is a perfect choice for you. This small vaporizer can be carried with ease and is incredibly compact, yet it delivers a level of performance that is comparable with larger mods. Bigger doesn't always mean better, after all, and this little beauty doesn't surrender functionality in its successful effort to be portable.


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  • Exxus Maxx Concentrate Vaporizer by Exxus Vape

    The Exxus Vape Concentrate Vaporizer by Exxus Vape is a strong unit choice for both advanced and beginning vapers. It's useful for both e-liquid and concentrate vaporization needs. Noteworthy features of the Exxus Vape Concentrate Vaporizer are its three temperature settings, streamlined design and pair of skillets. These skillets have their own specific functions. This is a pen-style device that is compact, narrow, lightweight and simple to transport.


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Wax Vape Pens Taking Over

A lot of different things go into excellent and satisfying vaping sessions. There's no doubt about that. The secret to true vaping success, however, is always a great vaping device first and foremost. If you'd like to get familiar with all of your finest choices in vaping units, there's no better place to do so than here at GotVape. Our Southern California website is equipped with a considerable selection of the most trusted and effective vaporizers and accessories in the world. That's no exaggeration, either. If you want to enjoy a vast array of e-liquids, sub tanks, portable vaporizers, vaporizer batteries and beyond, we'll never fail you. 

Get the Best Oil Vape Pens on the Market

People who are shopping for the best concentrate vaporizer pens can depend on our website fully. If you want to be able to be able to freely vape concentrates when around other people, concentrate vape pens can give you the freedom of extra privacy. This is because these vaping units are significantly more discreet than many of their counterparts. Concentrate vape pens, true to their name, look like pens. If a person glances at you quickly and sees you holding a concentrate van pen, he or she will likely assume you're getting ready to write something down, nothing more and nothing less.

Wax Pens Will Ensure Your Comfort

Wax pens aren't only excellent choices for people who are passionate about discretion and remaining understated. They're also excellent for people who care about compactness. If the idea of being away from your desktop vaporizer makes you feel more than a little sad and worried, investing in a nice concentrate vape pen can take all of your concerns away. Although desktop vaporizers are great for people who like vaping at home, concentrate vape pens are wonderful for those who like vaping regardless of where they may be. You can store concentrate vape pens in your pocket until you're ready to use them. It doesn't matter if you want to vape at a friend's house, outside of work or anywhere else. Concentrate vape pens are undeniably convenient devices. They feel light as a feather and because of that are a breeze to carry. You probably won't even realize you have your vape pen on you most of the time!

Effective Dab Pens

GotVape can help you locate all of the most exciting and effective wax pens currently on the market. If you want to purchase a concentrate vape pen that's from a highly respected brand, you'll love our impressive and extensive product selection. We have vape pens that are suitable for everyone. People who are fans of cool and contemporary designs can find great concentrate vape pen options at GotVape. People who love dab pens that are equipped with automatic shutoff benefits can find great choices at GotVape as well.

Personal Vape Pens

If you want to find a concentrate vape pen that's optimal for your specific personality and lifestyle, it's crucial to read our product listings attentively. There are so many features that are part of our vape pens. If you're someone who has the habit of forgetting to charge your unit's battery, you may want to look into a concentrate vape pen that features a handy light notification system. Fast blinking lights should be able to tell you that your battery requires prompt recharging.

People who want additional information on concentrate vape pens (and on other vaping units in general) can always feel comfortable depending on our devoted and detail-oriented professionals. If you need assistance finding a vape pen that can fulfill all of your wishes and requirements, get in contact with our team as soon as possible. Your comfort is our number one goal.