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Wax Pens

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Concentrate Vaporizers

What is a Concentrate Vaporizer or a Wax Pen?

A Concentrate Vaporizer or a wax pen is a convenient way to enjoy your concentrates. Concentrate vaporizers help you get the most out of your concentrates delivering pure, refreshing sessions. Most concentrate vaporizers are pen shaped, incorporating more flat and narrow elements that make it ideal for portability. Other types of concentrate vaporizers are desktop styled which deliver more power, giving plenty of billowy clouds. No matter what style preference concentrate vaporizers are durable, economic and a practical choice for a better overall experience for your concentrates. Simply add your concentrate into the chamber and place it on top of the heating element, then enjoy.

How to use a Wax Pen?

Wax pens are quite easy to use. The user simply loads a small amount of concentrate into the vaporizer, presses down on the button to heat up the material and inhale vapor through the mouthpiece.

Before using any device it is recommended that you charge it for an hour or two before use. Most vaporizers include a USB charger that allows the device to power up with ease. Usually, the vaporizer will hold a solid red light when charging that will turn green when ready to be used. Once charged, the battery should be screwed onto the heating chamber until tightly secured. Please note that many common vape pen batteries require you to tap the button five times rapidly in order to activate the unit. You must do this quickly or the device will not register the action.

Now it’s time to load the chamber. Opposite to the side that screws onto the battery, the loading chamber will be the housing for your concentrate. Typically, you’ll see one or two heating coils, or a ceramic disk located at the bottom. Concentrates are to be placed directly onto the heating element. To prevent clogging, we recommend filling the chamber half way as you don’t want to overfill. A portion of concentrate about the size of a peppercorn is a good starting point. It is also recommended to use a dab tool to load your concentrate due to the stickiness.

Once the concentrate is loaded, simply to screw the mouthpiece back onto the battery. The unit is now fully assembled and ready to be used. Before you inhale, hold the power button and begin to draw. Typically, you will see the button light up to indicate it is activated. As you inhale vapor will start to gather and enter your lungs. Release the button for a few seconds before you’re done inhaling to clear any additional vapor in the chamber.

Types of Concentrate Vaporizers: Vape Pens, Mods, Desktop Vaporizers

Concentrate Vaporizers come in all different style varieties to suit the user’s needs. If you are looking for a device to use on the go, you might want to look into a vape pen. If you are looking something with more features and great power, you might want to choose a mod. If you are looking for a device that is grander in size and more sophisticated, the desktop vaporizer is the one for you. It all depends on your preference.

Let’s get started with Concentrate Vape Pens. Concentrate Vape Pen allow users to vape their concentrates on the go. These convenient, pen shaped vaporizers are ergonomically designed and small in stature, making them ideal for portability. This allows you to discreetly medicate on the go and easily fit one inside of your pocket or bag without it bulging out. Utilizing a compact, sleek design Concentrate Vape Pens offer the power of a rig right in the palm of your hand.

For the most part, all vape pens consist of three components; a battery, an atomizer or heating chamber, and a mouthpiece. These parts are threaded with a universal 510 threading which allows them to be connected and disconnected with a simple twist. Typically, vape pens employ single or dual coils for great vapor production and quick inhales. Both are ideal for great, potent flavorful vapor.

For optimal performance, Concentrate Vape Pens need to be charged for about two to three hours for a full battery, which will offer about five to six hours of vaping depending on voltage and how often the device is used. Some vape pens can last a full day of use without needing to be recharged. It all depends on the user.

Vape Mods are typically bigger than vape pens adding more durability and advanced features. Typically, vape mods are for advanced users as the advancements are more progressive for the average beginner. These features allow the user to customize their sessions to their personal vaping style that best suits them. Combing easy to use technology and top performance, vape mods are a great option.

Mods are the ultimate vaping device, employing powerful batteries, intelligent chipsets, and sturdy outer casting they elevate your overall vaping experience. They also allow the user to customize their experience offering easy to navigate menus to discover the ins and outs of your device. Users can adjust things like wattage, temperature, and coil resistance. High-capacity sub-ohm tanks are the perfect, ideal companion to Vape Mods for optimal performance.

Vape Mods usually come with everything you need to start vaping; a sub-ohm tank, spare parts such as a sub-ohm coil head and accessories to go along with the atomizer. Vape Mods run on batteries but typically not included in the packaging as manufacturers do no have the right to manufacture batteries and cannot produce batteries. Generally, batteries take about three hours to charge proving you with hours of use. Depending on how often you vape and your voltage, you could vape all day without needing to recharge.

Vape Mods are for advanced users looking to customize their vaping styles. They are usually used in the comfort of home but often can be used anywhere you go. Keep in mind, Vape Mods are not as pocket friendly as they are heavy and come in a variety of shapes that don’t always fit in the pocket. They can be placed in a backpack or purse with ease. If you are looking for long-lasting battery life and a durable device, Vape Mods are the way to go.

Desktop vaporizers are powerful, stationary devices that typically need to be plugged into a power source while in use for top performance. This means they have a strong, powerful and stable source, which usually makes for increased vapor production and more efficient usability. Opposed to Vape Pens and Mods, Desktop Vaporizer are grand in size and not portable. Typically, Desktop Vaporizers are for the user that prefers medicating at home. While portable vaporizers may be more versatile than desktops, they can't compare when it comes to performance and efficiency.

All desktop vaporizers heat material though convection, making them preferred devices for users who are health conscious. Depending on the type of desktop, heated air is either drawn manually or propelled automatically from the heating element through the material being vaporizer.

Desktop vaporizers generally incorporate larger chambers and a longer battery life, making it require less refills and recharges than Vape Pens or Mods. This makes them perfect for longer sessions and sharing amongst friends.

Desktop vaporizers feature a variety of intake methods, such as balloons, whips or water pipe extensions for versatile use. Because they include such advancements, desktop vapes are usually more expensive in price than other styles of vaporizers.

Type of Coils

Coils are one of the most important aspects of vaping. The type of coil you have shapes the kind of session you will receive. It decides the battery life, potency of flavor, the amount of vapor produced and the overall functionality of your device. All coils are measure in electrical resistance or more commonly known as ohms. Typically, a coil with a higher resistance has a longer battery life and vice versa. A coil’s resistance will be around 1.0-3.0ohm, and there are some that go as low as 0.15ohm for big billowy vape clouds. Coils also employ wicking elements such as quartz, cotton or ceramic for top performance. They come in a number of varieties for your preferred experience.

Single Coil Atomizer

A single-coil atomizer is great for small yet potent, flavorful vapor. It doesn’t allow for much surface area with the coils which makes it produce less vapor then other coil styles. Single-coils are known for keeping the atomizer’s electrical resistance high while allowing your battery life to last much longer.

Double Coil Atomizers

Typically, Dual Coil Atomizers deliver a greater amount of vapor because there is a larger surface area. With two coils heat transfers faster resulting to larger volume of vapor. This doubles your size of clouds but still will use less battery life.

Triple Coil Atomizers

Triple Coil Atomizers are ideal for the cloud chasers out there. With a huge amount of space, they are perfect for concentrate vaporizers. Their low resistance allows the user to enjoy hours of delicious sessions on a single charge.

Quartz Rod Atomizers

Quartz Rod Atomizers are known for their incredible flavor experiences delivering incredible sessions. Typically, quartz rod atomizers heat up fastest then other coil types and produce a pleasant throat feel.

Ceramic Rod Atomizers

Ceramic rod atomizers are the most efficient for vapor production atomizers and heat up the user’s materials slowly for smooth, potent flavor vapor experience.

Coil Less Atomizers

Coil-less atomizers are super convenient miniature ovens that heat the concentrates inside the atomizer for a refreshing, powerful flavor experience. Plus cleaning the coil-less atomizer is completely easy.

Coil-less atomizers are super convenient miniature ovens that heat the concentrates inside the atomizer for a refreshing, powerful flavor experience. Plus cleaning the coil-less atomizer is completely easy.

The right type of coil matters to the style of vaping you are trying to achieve. Concentrates often use single, dual coils. Higher-end concentrate vaporizer pens tend to utilize quartz rods for pure flavors. Ceramic rods are also employed in pricier concentrate vape pens.

Buying a Wax Pen or a Dab Pen

One of the biggest factors before buying anything is cost. You need to figure how much you are willing to spend for what you need. The average price of a wax pen will cost you anything from $20 dollars to $130 dollars or more, depending on the style you get. Cheaper vaporizers are often simple, hand-held devices take deliver quick draws while more pricey vaporizers utilize more features that make for a customizable, durable device. It is all based on user preference and what kind of device you are looking for.

Warranty is Over Everything

Always keep in mind if the device has a warranty before purchasing. Never buy anything before checking to see if there is a warranty. You do not want to have to stress or worry if something happens to your device. Also, note that warranty typically only cover batteries. Vape coils are often not included in the warranty and will need to be replaced after some time of use.

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