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The Digital Volcano Vaporizer with Easy Valve Set takes the Classic Volcano and adds the enhancement of a digital display to facilitate easy monitoring of temperatures and making adjustments. All of the same great features vapers have come to expect from Storz & Bickel are present, including the proprietary method of hot air convection heating which makes these vaporizers so distinct. Widely regarded as makers of the most dependable vaporizers for vaping dry herbs, the company also includes its Easy Valve set with this kit.


Product Description

Storz & Bickel Continue their Innovation

The Incredible Digital Volcano Vaporizer Hot Air Generator by Storz & Bickel

The Volcano has been tremendously popular since it was first introduced as the "Volcano Inhaler" by inventor Markus Storz in 1996. Storz is credited with many patents that include an innovative heat exchanger which is still used in the Volcano and the brand's other vaporizers today. This invention is what enables the convection heating for which the Volcano is known. Convection heating warms the air around dry herbs to distribute it evenly and produce more vapor while permitting a greater degree of precision customization, making it the most efficient method of heating for vaporizers. The innovations of Storz were recognized by Jürgen Bickel, a long-time customer who partnered with Storz in 2002 to found the company as it is known today.


Digital Volcano key features

All Volcano desktop models are crafted from stainless steel and make use of food-safe, odor-free materials for construction. They also share Storz's aluminum heat exchanger. The air pump in the vaporizer is engineered to withstand years of heavy use, and the heating cartridge will withstand heavy load levels. These vaporizers are built with fine German craftsmanship and routinely inspected at the company's production facilities to ensure that they are safe and comply with all existing regulations.

The primary difference between the Digital Volcano and it's classic counterpart is the presence of an LCD screen. The display is extra-large for easy viewing and it displays both the set and actual temperature of the unit. The readout can be toggled between Celsius and Fahrenheit for convenience, and making adjustments is as simple as pushing the plus or minus buttons on the display.

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Packaged with this kit is the Easy Valve Set. In contrast to the Solid Valve sold by the brand, the Easy Valve does not require extensive cleaning or maintenance. Instead, Easy Valve Set Replacement Parts may be ordered at a reasonable cost. These replacement parts include a valve and balloon that come connected and ready for use as well as a mouthpiece that allows for personal use in a group setting. The Easy Valve has the advantage of being easy to use while allowing the user to visually monitor the build-up of vapor.

What’s in the Box

what the Digital Volcano Vaporizer includes

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Shop Quality

All vaporizers produced by the brand are backed by a three-year guarantee. Also, when you order this vaporizer from you will benefit from free UPS Next Day Air Shipping. It is true that you will pay a little more for one of these vaporizers, but the superior quality makes them economical. A Digital Volcano is quite likely the last desktop vaporizer that you will ever need, or want, to buy. It is equally adaptable to the experienced or the beginner.

Digital Volcano Vaporizer standing on table

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    Digital Volcano Vaporizer

    I purchased this product from these guys over 10 years ago! It still works like it did on day one and with the exception of having lost one little screw, you could not tell my unit from new. I have used it daily for all this time and like they say, it does cost a bit more, but amortized over the life the cost is simply not an issue. If you are looking for a top of the line vaporizer that requires little or no maintenance, this is for you! I also purchased the aluminum travel case (which looks like a women's cosmetic case) and when we check into hotels, it is carried up to our room just the same as any of our other suitcases. Don't burn, Vape!

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    Always the king

    Just received my hybrid Volcano and it’s best by far
    I own all the Storz and Bickel products except the crafty
    and don’t own it because of the short battery life
    all the guys that say too much money
    After using it’s a have to purchase ,will never look back
    needs to come with carry case
    Thanks Storz and Bickel

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