Evolve D Gold Edition Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer by Yocan


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The Evolve D Gold Edition Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer by Yocan has all of the exemplary attributes of the Evolve line of products, but adds a few unique nuances. The pre-installed lithium ion battery has a 1100mAh capacity which is enough to allow the device multiple sessions before recharge. A built-in silicone jar permits easy carrying of dry herbs. The dual heating coil system reaches temperature almost instantly to create a genuinely smooth draw with impressive vapor.


Product Description

The Evolve D Gold Edition Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer by Yocan is an ergonomically designed pen-style product. Its gold coloring give the Evolve D Gold a luxurious aesthetic and it is a perfect compliment to the Evolve line of products. A silicone lined storage compartment is located on the bottom of the device for easy product carrying. The single button activation system ensure that the unit is user friendly and easily readied for fulfilling vaporization.

Once primed, the Evolve D Gold will run for a continuous 15 seconds. Its dual coil heating system perfectly tempers dry herbs without scorching them. That is a side effect that would otherwise ruin the flavor within a draw. The Evolve D Gold's larger chamber are part of what set it apart from standard Evolve products. The fully integrated rechargeable battery has a 1100mAh capacity to carry the device through several sessions. The kit includes a bristled cleaner for easy maintenance of the Evolve D Gold. As a deluxe dry herb vaporizer, the it is a welcome addition in any vaper's collection. 

Some users may be looking for a product geared more towards concentrate vaporization. The Zeus Concentrate Vaporizer Kit by Yocan still brings with it a sense of exceptional quality, but is only used with concentrates. This kit includes two coil options, either ceramic or quartz. Each one has a dual coil system that help contribute to an idyllic heating atmosphere for concentrates. The USB rechargeable battery has an 1100mAh capacity in order to support the Zeus for many uses. As a concentrate vaporizer, the Zeus is as beautiful as it is powerful.

While the Zeus and Evolve D Gold are outstanding products, some vapers may be looking for something that is able to accommodate both dry herbs and concentrates. The Explore 2 in 1 Vaporizer by Yocan has two mouth pieces, one for dry herbs and one for concentrates. Each boasts a 100% ceramic chamber that perfectly tempers products. The 2600mAh battery yields temperatures between 200°F and 460°F. The Explore 2 in 1 also has a side airflow feature that gives each draw the space needed to completely clear the chamber with every draw. The end result of each inhalation is always dense vapor and genuinely opaque clouds. 

Yocan has been a fixture in the vaping industry for several years. Since opening their doors, they have only designed devices intended for vaporizing essential oils, concentrates, and dry herbs. Their products are so thoughtfully designed and Yocan is so confident in their pieces that they are able to provide a quality guarantee to their customers.

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