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The Evolve Plus Camo Edition Concentrate Kit by Yocan is an army spin on the Evolve Plus for your concentrates. After the success from the Evolve Plus, this limited edition wax pen was released with additional features for anyone to pick up and enjoy. The special quartz crafted atomizer coils, the Yocan Quartz Dual Coil exemplifies the essence of purity from the concentrate of your choosing. This is all-in-one system is truly for fans of concentrates anywhere.


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The Evolve Plus Dab Pen became a standard for easy-to-use concentrate kits and the Evolve Plus Camo Edition Concentrate Kit by Yocan improves the standard even further. The amazing vapor production along with an immense flavor creates an experience to remember. The brand carries over its well-known simplicity along with its patented Yocan Quartz Dual Coil system. This quartz coil will promise a long life with every session. For those vapers looking for a pure concentrate experience, the Evolve Plus Camo Edition Wax Pen Kit is for you.

This dab pen has pristine 510 threading on the battery. By pulsing the fire button, the user can heat the concentrate in the wax pen. This allows you to control the temperature to your desire without the need of temperature control functions, menus, and specific buttons. Also, the dab pen kit does not include any harmful dyes, glues, or wicks involved in other low quality vape pens, making the Evolve Plus Camo Edition Dab Pen Kit an ideal device as a starting point to concentrate vaping or a durable wax pen for the advanced user. The removal of these harmful products allows you to enjoy the full pure experience of the kit. There is also an added 15-second auto-shutoff to prevent accidental discharges when the vape pen is not in use.

The kit’s limited edition camouflage skin sets it apart from its predecessor, the Evolve Plus. Its design comes in greens, browns, and black. This will be a fan favorite for those vapers in the army easily, but any vaping fans will enjoy this version of the Evolve Plus. The wax pen kit also comes with its own loading tool for refilling the concentrate cartridge easily without using your fingers.

Don’t forget to pick up the Evolve Plus Coil 5pk by Yocan with the vape pen. After numerous sessions with the device, the quartz coil will burn out and need to be replaced. The 5 pack of Evolve Plus coils will ensure a lengthy life for any sessions you will have.

Inside the dab pen kit includes the Evolve Plus Camo Edition by Yocan with an internal 1100 mAH battery capacity, two Dual Quartz Rod Coils (one is pre-installed), one loading tool, and a microUSB charging cord. It even features a built-in silicone concentrate jar at the bottom for easy access to all of your concentrates on the go! Also, the swing open top is a great extra feature for easy loading.

Based in the Shenzhen area in China, Yocan Technology Co., Ltd is the leading provider for concentrate and dry herb vaporizers. From China, they export all of their products internationally. As a leading manufacturer in the vaping industry, the success of the Evolve Plus skyrocketed, allowing them to release limited versions of their Evolve Plus everywhere. Yocan emphasizes living your own lifestyle and making connections to retailers and customers worldwide. With superior craftsmanship and high quality standards, Yocan continues to thrive with their vaping products.

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