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Hive Ceramics

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Hive Ceramics Domeless Nails

Hive Ceramics manufactures a unique type of ceramic elements for torched, electronic and portable vaporizers. Their goal is to help vapers experience a pure and clean tasting vape every time. They strive for excellence, and their innovative high quality designs are sure to impress. Ceramic elements are an exciting new way to enjoy vaping essential oils and dried aromatherapys. The flavor is powerful and pure. Their products are all medical and food grade as well as chemically inert. They are non-corrosive, nonporous and completely natural. The ceramic material allows for fantastic heat retention. Got Vape features ten excellent Hive Ceramics products we are sure you will enjoy. 

Two Piece Domeless Elements by Hive Ceramics

The Two Piece Domeless Element is a great accessory for use with essential oils. Made with medical grade ceramic, it is available in either a 10mm or 14-18mm design. The modular design was created so it can be used with many different kinds of receptacles. In addition, it features a two part filling chamber for ease of cleaning. The receptacle is protected from overheating by the efficient two piece design. 

Hive Ceramic Direct Inject Nails

The Domeless Direct Element is another superior accessory for vaping essential oils. It is made for smaller Direct Inject style receptacles. You can purchase either a 14mm or 18mm application. The chamber is completely ceramic, and the innovative design keeps it from heating the glass joints too much. 

The Carb Cap by Hive Ceramics features dual angular vents. It is carefully crafted with medical grade ceramic for use with essential oils. It is also nonporous, so you get a full pure, clean taste.

The Domeless Element is made for use with a Vape Globe. It features a high heat retention rate and can be utilized with 10mm, 14mm and 18mm applications.

The Flower Cup is designed specifically for use with dried aromatherapys and a traditional receptacle. To help airflow the Flower Cup features a replaceable 19 hole ceramic screen. It is available in either 14mm or 18mm. The unique design keeps the glass joints from getting too hot.

The Regular Element by Hive Ceramics is built in a 10mm, 14mm or 18mm size, so it can be used with various receptacles. It is perfect for vaping concentrated essential oils. All you need is a traditional Vapor Globe and receptacle. The fully ceramic chamber allows for the vaporization of many different kinds of essential oils. The popular and efficient design concept creates superior flavor and low heat transfer. 

Essential Oil Dabbers by Hive Ceramics

The Stinger Dabber is a super accessory for vaping concentrated essential oils. The weighted handle prevents the tip from touching the surface, so the essential oil stays in the tip when it is not being used. It works with a wide array of Domeless nails, Vape Pen Filling Chambers and Vapor Domes.

Hive Ceramics also carries various accessories. You can get the Domeless Replacement Dish Dual 14mm or 18mm and a Domeless Replacement Dish 10mm for your 2 pc Hive Domeless Element as well as a Flower Cup Replacement Filter.

Give Hive Ceramics a try, and see how fantastic your vaping experience can be.