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The Hive Concentrate Kit by Yocan is one of the latest offerings from a brand that is becoming well known for its simple but effective vaporizer designs. This portable unit was specifically engineered for essential oils and waxy concentrates, and it packs a punch that is comparable to that of many box mods. From its no-leak design to its recessed atomizer, this unit renders generous amounts of vapor and flavor that is big and bold.


Product Description

The design of this vaporizer is innovative and contributes to its portability. It measures just 2.75” x 1.1” x 3.3” and can easily be carried in a pocket. The top fill setup of its atomizer and no-leak design mean that you won't have to worry about concentrates seeping out. This is a device that was created with the active lifestyle of today's vaper in mind. Another great feature that makes this vaporizer very convenient is that its atomizer rests inside the unit in a recessed fashion and is held in place by strong magnets. An added benefit to this design is that the glass of the atomizer is afforded extra protection should the device be dropped. The chassis is rugged and even features a window that allows vapers to observe the amount of concentrate left in the atomizer.

As small as it is, the Hive Concentrate Kit by Yocan offers considerable power. The internal battery is rated at 650 mAh and is charged with a micro USB cable. It will power a few strong vaping sessions before needing a recharge, and it charges quickly. White, blue, and red LED lights are used to tell the vaper how much battery life remains. The coil architecture incorporates quartz as an alternative to standard wicking to provide a purity of flavor that is essential to pleasantly vaping oils and concentrates, and the device supports separate atomizers for both.

Each kit includes the vaporizer and two atomizers. The concentrate atomizer has a resistance of 1.0 ohms, and the oil atomizer has a resistance of 1.8 ohms. Vapers can easily switch the two out thanks to the magnetic connector which holds the atomizer inside the device. The kit also includes a micro USB cable and a dab tool. Everything you need to begin vaping right away is provided.

Other Yocan vaporizers include the Evolve Plus Concentrate Kit by Yocan. This device is similar to a traditional vape pen in its design. A hallmark of this vaporizer is that is uses a quartz dual coil as opposed to a fiber wick in the interest of reducing impurities and preserving flavor. The unique coil cap of the device also helps to prevent leaks and keeps the mouthpiece from becoming too hot while you vape.

Yocan Technology was founded with the goal of creating high-quality vaporizers for essential oils and concentrates. This segment of the vaping market is growing by leaps and bounds, and this company has made creating efficient and powerful devices for this niche a priority. The company understands the various complexities that accompany vaping concentrates. The method of heating has to be just right. Premium components must be used to preserve flavor. Yocan enlists a research and development team to come up with precision designs that offer the highest levels of performance.

While you are shopping for a Hive Concentrate Kit by Yocan, be sure to check out all of the devices and accessories we carry for vaping dry herbs, essential oils, and concentrates. If you prefer traditional e-juices, we have all the latest devices for those as well. You'll also find one of the largest supplies of designer e-liquids of any online retailer. If you have a question about this kit or any of the products we offer, please contact us so that one of our friendly team members can assist you with your selections.

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    Yocan hive concentrate

    Considering other box mods price, I thought the hive kit was a steal! Good little concentrate kit for the tag. Would buy more from yocan in the future.

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    Bought the hive concentrate kit a dew days ago and recieved it today. I was too excited to try it and went right to it. Man let me say this was a good price to start with, I haven't had a kit that works this well with my c product and another thing I noticed was no leaks.

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    very satisfied

    They weren't;t kidding about its no-leak design! I wanted to own a concentrate kit that wouldn't leak and this one has been top of line. When my girlfriend told me about ordering Yocan I didn't think it would be a quality piece, but the flavor and advanced features make it seem like it should cost more that what its worth.

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