Sutra Vape Quartz DBR Portable ENail 3pk

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Sutra Vape Quartz DBR Portable ENail 3pk

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⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

Sutra Vape Quartz DBR Portable ENail 3pk

The DBR Portable E Nail 3 pack QRTZ includes three quartz bowl pieces to be used interchangeably with the DBR Portable E Nail by Sutra Vape so you can experience a variety of concentrates, essential oils, or dry herbs and the unique and tasty qualities each product has to offer without having to switch vaporizer devices. If you are lucky enough to have the DBR Portable E Nail by Sutra Vape in your vaporizer collection, be sure to keep your vaporizer operating at its best with the DBR Portable E Nail by Sutra Vape 3 pack QRTZ. 

It is no secret that the vaporizer industry is growing and the amount of manufacturers and products in the market is expanding to include a variety of new oils, concentrates, and dry herbs. Fortunately, those with the DBR Portable E Nail by Sutra Vape can enjoy this entire variety and enhance this unique vape device’s vapor cloud quality and flavor, keeping this product operating at its best so you can enjoy all of the epic products the vape industry has to offer. Sutra Vape is known for their superior products, and Got Vape is excited to offer our customers the replacement products to keep your Sutra Vape vaporizer operating at its best. 

There are many benefits to adding the 3 pack of replacement quartz bowl pieces to your DBR Portable E Nail by Sutra Vape supplies. This unique vaporizer product originally came with four bowl pieces for your vaporizing variety: titanium, quartz, ceramic, and sic bowls. The benefit of selecting the quartz version is that it is easy to clean, which will help maintain excellent vapor cloud quality and the unique flavors of each product you enjoy, rather than having residue from the previous product impacting the taste of what you are currently vaping. Another benefit of using the clear quartz bowl piece is the ability to see exactly how much product is in the bowl piece, helping you fill the bowl piece with an adequate amount of the products to be vaporized without over filling or under filling. Most important, quartz is an incredibly strong and incombustible material. This bowl piece can handle a lot of heat, so it is a better choice for your longer vaping sessions when you have others joining in on the fun. 

Are you switching from an essential oil to a dry herb in the same sitting, or perhaps another product that is different than what you originally started your vaporizer session with? Enjoy the unique and distinct flavor and vapor quality of both products without having to stop, clean, dry, and reload the bowl piece, avoiding interruptions during your time enjoying your vaporizer products by switching out the bowl pieces with a clean, quartz bowl for each product. With a step as easy as replacing the bowl in a product as easy as to use as the DBR Portable E Nail by Sutra Vape you can take full advantage of this quality vaporizer product by exploring all of the vaporizer options in the growing industry. 

If you own the DBR Portable E Nail by Sutra Vape, you appreciate a high quality vaporizer experience. Keep every session with your vaporizer as tasty and cloudy as the first time with the DBR Portable E Nail by Sutra Vape 3 pack QRTZ.

What's Included:

  • (3) Sutra Vape Quartz DBR Portable ENail 

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