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Quartz Bangers

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Quartz Banger

Quartz Bangers

Quartz Bangers are made to convert your concentrates into inhalable vapor. While many turn to rigs or water pipes that come with a simple glass nail, but when you want those potent flavors you’re going to want yourself a quartz banger. You might be thinking, why quartz? What makes them so great? Read on and see why these heating sources might be the right one for you.

What is a quartz banger

What is a Quartz Banger?

A quartz banger like the Thermal Quartz Banger Nail is a type of concentrate nail that allows the user to heat their concentrates while delivering a burst of flavors and effects, higher than the traditional heating method. Constructed for premium quartz it is used in unison with a waterpipe to heat your concentrates and produce vapor through the pipe to your mouth.

The structure of bangers includes a bucket, where your concentrates are heated and the joint which connects to your water pipe. The simple anatomy avoids a lot of unnecessary extra piece commonly associated with glass nails. The simplistic design makes it much easier for maintenance as well as eliminates small, losable parts.

Quartz bangers such as the Funnel Quartz Banger Nail are the standard for anyone who enjoys concentrates. They provide the prevalence of these types of concentrates accessories is their inert nature which means they are typically chemically inactive. This helps prevents unwanted flavors from imparting your dabs. This also makes it hard for materials to stick to the quartz because it is not absorbent. This makes it easier to clean and prevents the loss of those yummy concentrates otherwise absorbed by ceramic or low-quality glass.

how does a quartz banger work

How Does a Quartz Banger Work?

A Quartz Banger works by retaining heat delivered from a high-powered torch, which heats up waxy oils as well as concentrates in the bucket or chamber. The user draws in the inhalable vapor through the elbow of the quartz banger into the water pipe.

Heat Retention

Quartz boasts heat retention properties, making it ideal for waxy concentrates. Typically, Quartz has better heat retention than other materials like titanium, especially for continuous use. Titanium nails will often collect resin resulting in stickiness as you use them. With less heat retention, users will have to heat their nail for longer extended periods of time to achieve the same results in using Quartz.

Quartz’s heat retention will also remain localized. Meaning the heat delivered from the torch will not disperse or dissolve into the join of the glass water pipe. With titanium it will be the exact opposite effect, spreading heat quite readily.

How to Maintain a Quartz Banger

How to Maintain A Quartz Banger

Maintaining your quartz banger regularly helps to deliver excellent performance. To keep it running at the peak of efficiency and will decrease the likelihood of encountering any nasty flavors. Soaking off any excess concentrates after every use will significantly lengthen the amount of time you can go in between cleanings.

The easiest way to maintain your quartz banger between sessions is to use a q-tip, cotton rag or swab. Simply swab or swipe up any remaining concentrates after each use. This helps to prevent buildup on your quartz banger. This step goes a long way in making sure your experience is full of flavor and that your quartz banger is operating at maximum efficiency. If you skip this step, you may need to do a deep clean, following the procedure below.

How to Clean Quartz Banger

If you neglect regular maintenance of your banger or would like to restore it back to new condition, deep cleaning is very necessary. For a good deep clean, the best method to soak off the banger is isopropyl alcohol. This helps with loosen up any of the grime and built-up materials. You can use a swab or rag to swipe off and clean the chamber of your quartz banger. A pipe cleaner is ideal to use to remove adhesive deposits from hard-to-reach areas.

Types and Styles of Bangers

Bangers come in a variety of types and styles for incredible, yet slightly different experiences. All bangers come with either male or female joints. This is reference to how the end of the banger connects to your rig. A male banger goes inside a female jointed water pipe while a female banger goes son top and around the male joint of your water pipe. Typically, these joints come in three standard sizes 10mm, 14mm and 18mm. There can also be different thickness to the quartz, but most often are 2mm and 4mm.

Common Types:

90 degree quartz banger

90° Bangers

This describes the angle of the neck on the banger. Resembling a 90-degree angle, these quartz bangers usually come in either 2mm or 4mm thickness. This is the most common, standard of all the bangers.

45 degree quartz banger

45° Banger

These bangers typically have a neck at 45-degree angle. This banger as well typically comes in either 2mm or 4mm thickness. This design is mostly used to convert bong pipes, with joints that will not fit right with a 90°, into oil rigs.

Flat top quartz banger

Flat Top Banger

This is a common banger that comes with a flat top to create a flat opening for carb caps to rest easier on the lid. This type of bangers often has thick bottoms that absorb more heat to stay hotter longer.

flat top insert quartz banger

Flat Top Insert

This banger utilizes an insert that can be placed inside a flat top banger. This allows for easier cleaning and more indirect heat. Offering better convenience, if the concentrate is placed in the insert than when it comes to cleaning your piece you can simply remove the insert and soak it. The most popular sizes are 25mm and 30mm in diameter.

Terpcycler Quartz Banger

Terp Cycler

A very unique banger, this piece cycles materials through the banger. These are specially designed to insert to create more surface space to heat up the extract that sits at the base of the banger. Once concentrates are placed into the insert it will melt down through the cycler until it slips into the loop attachment. This cycles the extract back to the top of the insert which starts the process over again.

Bubble bottom quartz banger

Bubble Bottom

These bangers have bottoms that are rounded instead of flat. This shape allows concentrates to melt down to a single point instead of collecting on the flat surface which spreads it out.

core reactor quartz banger

Core Reactor

This banger employs a solid thick quartz cylinder in the center. This creates more quartz for heat retention and gives a larger surface area to come in contract with the extract. The “core” can have heat reactive color changing crystals added inside to help better gauge the temperature level.

Quartz Banger Pros

• Excellent heat retention properties.

• Delivers pure flavor of concentrates without imparting unwanted tastes

• Does not spread heat to your glass like titanium nails, preventing damage

• Easy to clean and maintain

Quartz Banger Cons

• Can break if dropped

• Does require regular maintenance

Buying a quartz banger

Buying a Quartz Banger

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