Sutra Selfie Magnetic Ring by Sutra Vape


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The Sutra Selfie Magnetic Ring by Sutra Vape is an adapter the attaches to the stand-alone Sutra Selfie Cartridge or the complete kit called the Sutra Selfie Cartridge Vaporizer by Sutra Vape. As a spare or replacement part, the Selfie Magnetic Ring allows the cartridge component that it is paired with to work with a larger variety of mods. It alters the male attachment port to a female one in order to give the overall unit unmatched versatility and ease.


Product Description

The Sutra Selfie Magnetic Ring by Sutra Vape is a multifaceted device. Not only does it fulfill its purpose as a spare or replacement part, but it also serves as an adapter. This allows the Sutra Selfie Cartridge to be used with the cartomizer of the user's choice. It ultimately modifies the cartridge's male component into a female one. Because it has a magnetic thread fastening design, when being placed onto its cartridge counterpart, it's extremely user-friendly and ingenious in its simple functionality.

Constructed of the most premium materials on the market, the Sutra Selfie Magnetic Ring is durable and creates an air tight coupling with the cartridge. The versatility that this product creates allows users to enjoy their favorite mod without having to keep excessive amounts of cartridges on hand. By having spare or replacement units within arms reach, vapers will never have to experience the frustration of a delayed session or an incomplete setup.

The cartridge that accompanies the Sutra Selfie Magnetic Ring is the Sutra Selfie Cartridge by Sutra Vape. It can be found in both 0.5mL and 0.8mL capacity options. Intended for use with oil concentrates, this petite but powerful device boasts the perfect environment for product tempering. The cartridge can be broken down into pieces for easy maintenance and cleaning. Refills are simply achieved once the mouthpiece is removed via the top port. The mouthpiece that caps the device is ergonomically sound in order to provide users with comfortable draws. 

Another concentrate kit available is the Sutra DBR Portable ENail Kit by Sutra Vape. With its one large button serving as the sole activation point, this device is easy to use, but not at the cost of power. The rechargeable, 3000mAh battery can reach up to 800°F. The temperature is easily adjusted by either of the two alteration buttons. This kit comes with a mini recycler bubbler mouthpiece that is able to produce smooth, cool, pure, and robust vapor. There are also four heating base options included: quartz, titanium, ceramic, and silicon carbide. Each one offers nuances that make every session unique. 

Sutra Vape, the company of innovators behind the above mentioned products, opened their doors in 2011. Since its ideation, the founders knew they wanted to work towards the goal of producing some of the most sought after, peak performers on the market. The foundation of each device is ease of use, flawless performance, and customer satisfaction. They have achieved that business ethos and more as they continue to create unmatched devices within the vaping industry.

If you have any questions while you consider the Sutra Selfie Magnetic Ring by Sutra Vape, don't hesitate to contact our customer care team. Also, feel free to browse through the remainder of We have comprehensive lines of mods, tanks, pens, accessories, e-liquids, etc. in order to accommodate as many vaping demands as possible.

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