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Introducing the incredible, contemporary Sutra Squeeze by Sutra Vape. A new addition to the Sutra Family, this innovative device is the perfect stealth unit delivering a one of a kind superior experience. A compact stunner enjoy the portability as well as its striking appearance of the amazing Sutra Squeeze! Available in Gun Metal, Rainbow, Silver, Bronze, it is a must have for your collection.


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Product Description

Get a Load of This!

The Sutra Squeeze!

Key Features

Get to Know Your Vape

The Sutra Squeeze by Sutra Vape is a remarkable device made to ensure astounding sessions for an overall elevated and amazing experience. At just 77mm by 19.5mm, it is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably, following the curvature of your hand as your travel on the go. It is powered by a 500mAh battery, employs a 15W, a resistance of 0.5ohm to 2.0ohm, a 11.7mm cartridge hold size that is compatible with a plethora of tanks on the market and magnetic connectors for extra security. The Sutra Squeeze also integrates four voltage settings with matching bright LED lights that indicates which level the device is on; the green light is 2.8V, the blue light is 3.2V, the teal light is 3.7V and red is 4.2V. It also features an auto shut off time of 15 mins for safety, magnetic threaded adapters to keep your cartridges and tanks in place, and visually stunning attributes like vibration alerts as visual feedback. It doesn’t stop there; this device includes a preheat function and with two rapid clicks of the power button it is activated. It is turned on and off with five raid clicks of the power button. Please note, you have to click the power button quickly or the device will not register the action.

sutra squeeze on beach

Loading the Cartridge

Enjoy your goodies

Loading your cartridge is very easy. First you will start by removing the mouthpiece from the cartridge. Load your cartridge with the desired oil of your choice. It is a good idea to fill your cartridge about halfway as you don’t want to overfill because this can cause leaking or clogging. Attach a compatible magnetic adapter to the cartridge and twist the mouthpiece back on. Place the glass cartridge back into the chamber. When connected the unit will vibrate, letting you know it is ready for use.

loading oils
sutra squeeze near mouth

Let’s Get Started

Power On!

To activate your device, press the power trigger 5 times rapidly in a row. Note, if you do not do this quick enough, the device will not register the action and not perform. When the unit is on it will vibrate and light up to its indicated voltage level. Green indicates 2.8V, the blue light is 3.2V, the teal light is 3.7V and red is 4.2V. To adjust your voltage simple press the power trigger 3 times quickly. You can choose between the cycles till you find the best choice for you. 2 presses on the power trigger will start a 10 second preheat cycle for quick, refreshing draws. A light will cycle for 10 seconds then blink three times and vibrate.

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getting started
sutra squeeze on table with cartridge
shut off feature

Charging Your Sutra Squeeze

Your Sutra Squeeze's Battery Life

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charging unit

What Comes With the Squeeze

Squeeze Accessories

The Sutra Squeeze includes:

Charging cable

2 magnetic rings

Sutra Battery

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Get the Sutra Squeeze Today!

A powerhouse device made by a powerhouse company, the Sutra Squeeze is an incredible, one of a kind unit that you simply can’t miss. Make sure to add it to the collection today, you’ll be glad you did.

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