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Sutra Vape Vaporizers

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Sutra Vaporizers

Sutra Vape is a reliable manufacturer that is centered around vaporizers and replacement components. If you want to explore an enchanting world of top-notch vaporizers and beyond, Sutra may be a strong choice for you. GotVape offers customers many options in A+ Sutra products. If you're looking to buy a Sutra Vape vaporizer or Sutra Vape vaping product in general, we can assist you with the process.

The S-Type Premium Vaporizer is a standout Sutra Vape product we sell. This vape is suitable for concentrates and dry options alike. It can run for hours at a time, too. If you want to learn about user-friendly vaporizers, you'll appreciate this product's stress-free single button operation. The S-Type Premium Vaporizer is wonderful for people who like small vaporizers that can be transported without stress. It's only five inches long. Fans of ergonomic looks, innovative heating features and high run times tend to go mad for the S-Type Premium Vaporizer. This vape even comes with a convenient auto shutoff component that can be great for people who like to maintain battery life. 

People can also purchase the Essential Oil Vaporizer from Sutra here. This vape is notable thanks to its enhanced heating chamber and its distinctive appearance. Like the last Sutra vaporizer, this one also has auto shutoff. It shuts off on its own after 15 seconds. If you want to enjoy a vaporizer for hours and hours on end, this Essential Oil Vaporizer may be vital for you.

Sutra's 3 in 1 Vape Kit is available, too. This portable kit is a must-have for people who like modular appearances. It's also a must-have for people who want to be able to employ their vapes for many hours without stopping. A rechargeable Lithium-ion battery is required for the use of this kit.


Sutra offers aluminum 4 piece grinders to customers as well. These grinders come in two sizes. The smaller grinders are 50mm while the larger ones are 65mm. The 50mm grinders are equipped with sifter divisions that can be taken out. They're also equipped with magnetic lids. They come in green, gray, titanium, red and blue color options. The 65mm grinders, like the others, are equipped with sifter sectors that are removable. They're made of reliable and trustworthy anodized aluminum. Available colors for the 65mm grinders are gray, green and blue.

Sutra Vaporizer Cartridge

Sutra's vaporizer dry cartridge is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) component that is suitable for dried aromatherapy applications. This cartridge is ideal for people who are antsy about waiting. This is because it heats up in a speedy and efficient five seconds. If you're looking for a dry cartridge that can give you a maximum of 10 draws for individual fills, Sutra's option may be the right choice. 

The brand's vaporizer essential oil adapter comes in transparent, red, green and gray color choices. This product is suitable for use alongside concentrated essential oils. It also offers users the joys of rapid heating times. It heats in just five seconds!

Other Sutra products that are available here include the vaporizer replacement cartridge, the dual coil replacement heating chamber, the vaporizer replacement power cord and the S-type replacement screens. Sutra's S-type replacement screens are made in packs of five. If you want to learn the ins and outs of Sutra's fine vaporizers and vaporizer products, let us know as soon as possible. Our objective here at GotVape is to be a reliable vape information source for all customers. If you need additional information on Sutra's world-class products, get in contact with our staff members as soon as possible. You can reach us by telephone, email and online support.