Tips for Keeping Your Vape in Optimal Condition

May 22, 2017

Keep your vape in top condition

Tips for Keeping Your Vape in Optimal Condition

There are things that you should do and things that you should try to avoid whenever possible when it comes to maintaining your vape. Here are ten tips for keeping your vape in top condition.

Do Not Let Your E-Liquid Run Low

Letting your e-liquid or vape juice get too low can lead to some serious concerns and malfunctions. First, you can scorch your coils – forcing you to have to replace or rebuild them before you normally would. It can also be a fire hazard – you can catch the cotton in your coil on fire and this can render your entire pen or mod useless, forcing you to have to purchase a new one. Along with a new tank and a new coil. So, always refill your clearomizer or atomizer well before you run out.

Ensure Safe Usage of Batteries

Not all batteries are created alike. Even similar batteries can be very different and you want to ensure that your batteries “match.” You also want to purchase your batteries at a vape store or from an online vape site. A lithium ion battery intended for a flashlight – even if it is the same amperage, is not intended for use in your vape. As far as the “matching” goes, you want to make sure your batteries, if your vape requires two or more, match as far as amperage goes. For example – both 18650 2500mAh and 18650 3000mAh will work in most vapes. But if your vape requires two batteries, make sure that those numbers match.

Clean Your Vape Regularly

Keeping your vape clean is one of the most important tasks you can do regularly to ensure a great tasting hit. It will also ensure that your vape is kept in the best condition possible. Keep in mind that there are numerous cleaning tutorials on the web – or you can just refer to the owner’s manual. Referring to the owner’s manual will keep you from doing something that will invalidate the warranty.

Store Your Vape Correctly

Tucking your mod or your vape pen into your purse or backpack is fine. Putting it in your pocket for a short amount of time is fine as well. However – you might not want to store the vape near sources of heat like a hot car seat. Overheating can lead to fire hazards and explosions – this can be exacerbated if your pen or mod has non-replaceable batteries (you have to charge it with a cord).

Consider Getting a Case for Your Pen Vape or Mod

Dropping your pen vape or mod can lead to breaking. The tank can crack and cause e-juice or cannabis oil to leak from it. This can get into the battery compartment and cause a fire or shock hazard. Keeping your e-cig, pen vape, or vape mod in a case can help to prevent it from breaking should you accidentally drop it. It also helps keep your essentials together – mouthpieces, tanks/atomizers, extra coils, and e-juice in one location for convenience.

Don't Screw Your Tank/Clearomizer/Atomizer in Too Tightly

Screwing in your tank too tightly can result in you stripping the screw. When you “strip” a screw, you basically prevent that screw from being able to be unscrewed and in a vape, this can prevent you from being able to change your coils or clean the tank. You might have to buy a completely new atomizer – and if you do a good enough job of stripping the screw – you might find yourself buying a completely new vape.

Change Your Coils and Atomizers Regularly

With proper maintenance and cleaning, your atomizer should last a long time. However – you do want to make sure that you are changing your coils regularly – or you are rebuilding the coil regularly. How often you change your coil will vary greatly with use – how often you vape and at what strength you set your vaporizer. It can also depend on the kind of e-juice or oil you are vaping. A good rule of thumb is that if the hit from your vape starts to taste overly harsh or burnt – it’s time to change your coil.

Store E-Liquids For Maximum Shelf Life

E-juices should always be stored out of the reach of children. That said, if you want your e-liquid to last the maximum amount of time, there are ways you can store it to get the best out of it. First, use a dark bottle and store it out of the sunlight. Keeping your e-liquid cool – storing it in the refrigerator or freezer can help to maximize or extend the shelf life of your e-liquid, especially if you buy larger containers of your favorite flavor.

Keep the Mouthpiece Clean

Keeping the mouthpiece clean is imperative to ensuring that you get the best tasting hit. It can also help prevent the spread of germs if you regularly let your friends take hits from your vaporizer. All you should need to do is wipe it off on occasion.

Keep the Battery Compartment Clean

Liquid and electricity are not very good bedmates. Occasionally, e-juice can get into the battery compartment of your vape – and this can cause your batteries to short, cause a fire, or shock you. All you should need to do is wipe it down with a clean cloth every time that you change your batteries. Make sure that the connections are clean and free of corrosion. Always use the recommended batteries for your vaporizers.

Keeping your vape in top shape is imperative to maintaining your investment. Mods, pens, tanks, and coils do not come cheap – particularly if you are having to buy them all at the same time. If you keep your vape in optimal condition by properly maintaining and cleaning it, it will be sure to last you a long time and repay you the investment you’ve made.